Thanks to its vast potential to improve our lives, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a major topic of interest. Telegram, as the open and revolutionary platform it is, serves as a great place for creating AI apps that will help you in your everyday tasks.

This list includes the best Telegram AI bots for a variety of tasks, from checking your grammar to managing your business’ customer service. Keep reading to unlock the full potential of AI-powered Telegram bots!

chatgpt for telegram

ChatGPT Telegram Bot

For a straightforward way to use ChatGPT on Telegram, consider using Karfly’s code to build your own AI bot. An OpenAI API key is required for this, but Karfly also offers a ready-to-use bot.

Most ChatGPT-connected Telegram bots, including Karfly’s, start with a set number of free tokens for initial use. Once these are depleted, you can purchase additional tokens for continued use or access to advanced features like GPT-4 and DALL·E 3.

text editing ai telegram

TextGears Text Checker Bot

The @TextGearsBot elevates your writing by providing instant feedback on grammar, spelling, and style. Ideal for anyone looking to polish their written content, this bot uses AI to analyze texts and suggest corrections, helping to enhance clarity, engagement, and correctness.

With a user-friendly interface, it's suited for a broad range of users, from students to professionals. While basic services are free, a premium option offers extended features for those needing more in-depth analysis.

voice ai telegram

SteosVoice Bot

The SteosVoice Bot offers users the ability to access high-quality neural voice AI for various creative projects. It can be used for activities like content creation, video dubbing, podcast production, and more, with a range of voices available for use in English and Russian.

The bot is designed to be free for basic use, with limitations on daily sound generation, providing an accessible tool for enhancing digital content with AI-powered voice capabilities.

photo editing ai telegram

Photify AI

The Photify AI bot uses AI to change selfies in many ways, like style changes, new backgrounds, or making you look older or younger. It's on mobile apps and Telegram. However, some users find it limited and have concerns about privacy. It's fun to try out different looks with your photos.

animation ai telegram

Avatarify AI Face Animator

With the Avatarify Bot, you can animate up to 3 portrait pictures for free every 6 hours. It’s a fun tool for making a still photo sing and dance. Currently, this app is only in Russian, but you can use Telegram’s translate feature to use this bot in any language.

ai support bot telegram


@SUCH is a Telegram bot designed to help channel admins, business owners, and customer support teams manage their Telegram chats better. It's free, without ads or limits, and allows for quick replies, chat management, and teamwork. Setting it up takes less than a minute, with no coding needed.

The bot will soon be enhanced with ChatGPT integration, offering AI-powered chat capabilities for any business. For more information, visit SUCH.


This list showcases Telegram's best AI bots in 2024, offering a wide range of services from writing assistance to business management. Each bot, like Karfly's ChatGPT for AI conversations or TextGearsBot for grammar checks, brings unique capabilities to improve daily tasks.

Whether enhancing digital content with SteosVoice, experimenting with selfies via Photify AI, animating photos with Avatarify, or managing customer interactions with @SUCH, these bots leverage AI to offer practical, fun, and innovative solutions. Explore these tools to make the most of what AI can offer on Telegram.