Telegram provides a unique opportunity to connect with an audience. However, the key to unlocking Telegram's potential from the start and successfully building a community lies in the art of onboarding that audience.

Consider onboarding as your virtual welcoming handshake – it's your first chance to make a lasting impression. In this article, we'll explore best practices for ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for your Telegram groups and channels.

But first, we have to address a common misconception: Telegram does not pay for subscribers. Your Telegram audience is cultivated organically, but if you’re looking to grow an audience as a business, you’ll want to consider InviteMember as a way to monetize your community. Either way, onboarding is a critical aspect.

Now, let's dive into the steps that will help you engage and retain your audience through a thoughtful onboarding process. Understanding these practices can pave the way for building a loyal and authentic Telegram following, setting the stage for sustained success.

Know Your Audience

Understanding your audience is fundamental for a thriving subscription-based business on Telegram. Before developing your own onboarding process, it’s crucial to spend some time putting yourself in your customer’s place and trying to understand their mindset.

Why Knowing Your Audience Matters:

  • Personalization Boosts Engagement: Customizing your content and interactions based on your subscribers' preferences shows that you value their individual needs. This encourages them to remain engaged and committed to your subscription.
  • Relevant Content: Understanding your audience enables you to create content that resonates with their interests. For instance, if you run a fitness subscription, knowing your audience's fitness goals and experience levels allows you to offer tailored workout routines and nutrition advice.
  • Retention and Growth: In the subscription world, retaining existing subscribers is often more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. When you consistently provide content and experiences aligned with your audience's expectations, they are more likely to remain subscribed and even refer your service to others, driving organic growth.

Understanding your audience also empowers you to make informed decisions about your subscription business. By continuously analyzing data related to your subscribers' behavior and preferences, you can refine your strategies to drive growth and improve the subscriber experience.

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Simple Onboarding Steps

Navigating the onboarding process smoothly is essential to ensure that your subscribers have a seamless and enjoyable experience on Telegram. In this section, we will outline the steps for hassle-free onboarding, specifically tailored to Telegram's platform, while also highlighting the use of welcome messages and clear guidelines.

Telegram-Specific Onboarding Steps

  • Joining Your Channel or Group: The first step is to make it easy for subscribers to join your Telegram channel or group. Share the link to your channel or group on your website, social media profiles, or wherever you promote your subscription. Telegram offers a feature that allows users to join a channel or group with a single click on the provided link. If you’re using a membership bot powered by InviteMember, make sure to only share the bot link, not the direct join links.
  • Welcome Message: As soon as subscribers join your Telegram channel or group, send them a warm and informative welcome message - or pin a message to the group or channel for users to see. This message should introduce your subscription, highlight the benefits of being a part of your community, and provide essential guidelines for new members. This could also include  a Google Form to collect user data if necessary.
  • Clear Guidelines: Clear and concise guidelines are essential to maintain a positive and well-organized community. Specify the rules, expected behavior, and any restrictions within your Telegram channel or group. Encourage new subscribers to review these guidelines to ensure a harmonious experience for everyone. This can include a link to rules document, terms and conditions of membership (consider using
  • Subscriber Verification (if applicable): Depending on the nature of your subscription, you may want to implement subscriber verification processes. Telegram offers features like restricted access, where only approved members can post or interact. This can be valuable for exclusive or premium subscription tiers. To simplify this process, consider using InviteMember to automatically manage your channel/group access and avoid tedious manual work.
  • Introduction to Features: Telegram offers an array of features that can enhance the onboarding experience. Take the time to introduce your subscribers to these features, such as polls, quizzes, and the ability to pin important messages. Encourage them to participate and interact with your content.

The Power of Pinned Welcome Messages and Guidelines

  • Setting Expectations: A well-crafted welcome message sets the tone for your Telegram channel or group. It lets new subscribers know what to expect and why they should be excited about being part of your community.
  • Guidance for Engagement: Clear guidelines not only maintain order but also guide subscribers on how to engage effectively. When everyone knows the rules, it creates a more pleasant and respectful environment.
  • Reducing Confusion: Telegram's features can be powerful but may be overwhelming to new users. By explaining these features in your welcome message and guidelines, you empower subscribers to make the most of the platform and your content.

In summary, simplifying the onboarding process on Telegram is vital for a positive subscriber experience. Ensure easy access, utilize welcome messages, and establish clear guidelines to create an environment where subscribers can thrive. In the next section, we'll explore how specific Telegram features can elevate your onboarding process.

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Using Telegram Features to Enhance Onboarding

Telegram is more than just a messaging platform; it's a versatile tool that can significantly enhance your onboarding process for subscription businesses. In this section, we'll delve into the Telegram-specific features that can elevate your onboarding strategy.

Making Use of Telegram Features

  • Polls and Surveys: Telegram allows you to create polls and surveys within your channel or group. These interactive tools are invaluable during the onboarding process. Use polls to gauge your subscribers' preferences, gather feedback on content ideas, or simply spark conversations. Surveys can help you understand your audience's demographics and interests better.
  • Quizzes and Challenges: Engage your subscribers through quizzes and challenges. You can use quizzes to test their knowledge on a particular topic or to make the learning process fun. Challenges, on the other hand, can encourage participation and interaction within your community. Telegram's built-in features make it easy to create and manage these community activities.
  • Pinned Messages: Make important information readily accessible by pinning messages to the top of your channel or group. This is an excellent way to highlight essential guidelines, subscription benefits, or upcoming events. Pinned messages serve as a constant reference point for both new and existing subscribers.
  • Welcome Bots: Depending on your setup, Telegram allows you to set up welcome bots that automatically greet new subscribers with a predefined message. These bots can provide links to important resources, introduce key features, or simply extend a warm welcome. Welcome bots ensure consistency in your onboarding process and create a positive first impression.
  • Scheduled Posts: Maintain a consistent posting schedule by using Telegram's scheduled posts feature. This ensures that your subscribers receive regular updates without disruptions. Consistency is crucial for keeping your audience engaged and informed.

Enhancing Onboarding with Telegram Features

  • Interactivity: Polls, quizzes, and challenges foster interactivity within your community. They encourage subscribers to actively participate, which not only boosts engagement but also helps you understand their preferences and interests better.
  • Education and Onboarding: Use features like quizzes to educate your subscribers about your subscription's unique offerings. This can be particularly helpful for services that require some level of learning or skill development.
  • Organization and Clarity: Pinned messages and welcome bots create a sense of organization and clarity during the onboarding process. New subscribers can quickly find important information and get acclimated to your community.
  • Consistency and Engagement: Scheduled posts ensure that your subscribers receive content regularly, keeping them engaged and informed. This consistency can lead to higher retention rates and a stronger sense of community.

Incorporating these Telegram-specific features into your onboarding strategy can make a significant difference in how new subscribers perceive and interact with your subscription business. In the next section, we'll explore the importance of encouraging interaction to retain and engage your subscribers effectively.

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Does Telegram Pay for Subscribers?

So, you’ve built a massive channel or group and you want to be rewarded. Does Telegram pay you for this community? The short answer is no, Telegram does not pay for subscribers.

However, Telegram doesn't pay for subscribers, you can still earn from your engaged online community. Consider using InviteMember, a Telegram tool that helps you turn your efforts into revenue.

Why Use InviteMember:

  • Monetize Content: InviteMember lets you offer paid subscription tiers and exclusive content access to your community members, making it easier to earn from your hard work.
  • Automated Management: This tool handles subscription payments and access control, saving you time and effort in administrative tasks.

Benefits of InviteMember:

  • Fair Compensation: You’re already putting effort and care into the onboarding process, so your dedication to your community is clear. This subscription model allows you to earn money for your commitment to building and managing your Telegram community.
  • Enhanced Engagement: While thinking about onboarding, the value of engagement should have become clear. Exclusive content and benefits can motivate members to become paying subscribers, increasing engagement within your community.
  • Simplified Operations: InviteMember streamlines the management of paid subscriptions, benefiting both you and your subscribers. This can further simplify some of the onboarding processes, as mentioned above.

So, while Telegram itself doesn't pay you for the subscribers you’ve accumulated in your online community, InviteMember offers a straightforward way to monetize your efforts in building an engaging online community.


Understanding your audience, crafting engaging content, simplifying the onboarding steps, utilizing Telegram's unique features, and encouraging interaction are the pillars of a successful onboarding strategy. These steps are not only effective but also essential in building a loyal and committed subscriber base.

It's crucial to remember that Telegram itself does not pay for subscribers. Instead, the real value lies in nurturing an organic and engaged community. While shortcuts may offer quick gains, the authenticity and loyalty of your subscribers are far more valuable in the long run.

As you apply these strategies and continue to refine your onboarding process, you'll be better equipped to create a thriving subscription business on Telegram.