In recent years, the Telegram app began showing its power as a monetization tool. Influencers can create massive groups and channels to advertise products or services. With the help of some bots, entrepreneurs can sell their own products and services seamlessly through the app.

In this article, you'll learn more about how you can use Telegram to make money, and the different kinds of businesses it's best suited for.

How to earn money from a Telegram channel or group?

How to earn money from a Telegram group or channel will depend on your business model. Telegram groups and channels can be used in different ways and each has its own set of features that make it better suited for certain business models.

Telegram groups are great for building membership communities, creating mastermind groups, or getting closer to followers or subscribers. A Telegram group can have up to 200,000 members, any type of media can be shared within it.

Telegram channels are great for paid membership communities, newsletters, or podcasts. Each channel can have an infinite number of members, any type of file format can be sent. Subscribers are notified in real-time when something has been posted. Telegram channels, as well as groups, can have a name, picture, and unique description.

Groups and channels can be monetized mainly by advertising or selling a product or service to their members or by charging a fee to become a member.

Selling and advertising

Once you've built an audience that might also be interested in some kind of product or service, you can use Telegram's Bot Payments API to build a bot for accepting live payments through Telegram in exchange for delivering products or services.

If you aren't selling anything yourself, merchant platforms like Amazon and Aliexpress have affiliate programs you can join to monetize your Telegram groups and channels. There are a lot of affiliate offers on affiliate networks such as Clickbank, MaxBounty, etc.

It's also a good idea to reach out directly to brands or companies which might be interested in paying you to advertise to your audience.

Telegram payments
Telegram payments

Subscription plans

With the InviteMember platform, you can create recurring subscription plans to sell access to your private groups and channels. This is a great asset for trading signal providers, educators, analysts, coaches, or really any kind of content creator.

The InviteMember bot lets you connect multiple payment provider accounts and payments are deposited directly to your account wallet. Your payments are never handled by Telegram or the InviteMember bot. You can start using this bot for free or check out InviteMember's subscription tiers.

Keep in mind that you will actually be making money from the content you're sharing or selling through your groups and channels. So make sure you're delivering the quality your audience expects from you in order to be successful.

How do I get paid in Telegram?

Now that you know how to earn money from a Telegram channel or group, you must want to know how you can get paid. Just like the way of monetizing will depend on your business type, the way you'll get paid will be different according to your business model.

If you use your groups or channels for advertising, you'll have to have an agreement with the brands, products, or services you're advertising for. Affiliate marketing programs usually have scheduled payouts and minimum commission thresholds.

When using a tailored payment integration, payments will probably be completed and deposited directly to you. Whether you're receiving fiat or cryptocurrencies, payment integrations give you more control over the money you earn. However, building this kind of integration requires technical knowledge and can be a very time-consuming and expensive endeavor.

Donations received through Telegram's Donate bot, even if they are recurring, might be the most restrictive and least scalable solution for getting paid in Telegram. You'll have to reach a minimum threshold of donations before issuing a payout, and not every kind of business or content is eligible for using this service.

InviteMember brings a fast and easy way to get paid in Telegram for subscription businesses. It won't even take five minutes to create a subscription-based project. Once you've added your private groups and channels to your subscription plans, created your branded membership bot, and connected your payment provider accounts, your clients will be able to start paying, and you'll be receiving your money in no time.


As you've learned, making money with Telegram is not only possible but surprisingly fast and easy if you choose the proper tools to help you.

Whether you are planning on selling products, offering advertising placements, or running your subscription business, Telegram has the tools you need to reach your professional goals.

If you decide to set up your own subscription business, the InviteMember platform is your best option to start accepting payments and managing subscriptions in Telegram. Get started for FREE today!