Telegram gives a convenient environment to share your free or paid sports betting tips and predictions for various sports events. You can launch a dedicated Telegram Channel or Group. This will enable you to announce daily football, soccer, tennis, basketball, handball, cricket, or rugby predictions like many other experts and analysts.

How can you get a competitive edge and make your sports betting subscription business work for you? In this article, we’ve collected the best tips to help you launch, grow, and monetize your Sports Betting Telegram channel/group.

Benefits of Running a Sports Betting Telegram Channel/Group

Telegram channels and groups for sports betting are growing in popularity because they provide easy-to-read posts that aren’t overloaded with images and banner ads. The notifications about the newly shared content arrive promptly and chronologically so that the flow is clear for your group or channel subscribers. Also, they can simply scroll up the page and easily find the information they missed.

Along with the benefits it offers to your current or prospective subscribers, running a sports betting Telegram channel/group is a great opportunity to turn your sports passion and hobby into a profitable business.

If you have been following particular sports events, going through their in-depth analyses, and betting on them, the chances are you’ve developed a professional eye and flair for sports betting. Provided you can prove your expertise and guarantee the reliability of your tips and predictions, Telegram is a promising channel for reaching a wide audience.

Once established, your business can potentially grow as Telegram channels are designed to support unlimited numbers of members. In addition, you can implement Telegram bots to automate subscribers management and payments so that your business expansion can be smooth and effortless.

Another opportunity you have is running an affiliate business promoting a betting platform in your channel/group. This enables you to add to your profit without investing extra time or money.

Telegram offers a cost-effective environment for running your subscription channels and groups and the possibility to reach large audiences. By utilizing the right marketing and management tools, you can easily turn them into leads and customers. Such tools are offered by dedicated platforms like InviteMember that allow you to streamline the processes of maintaining and monetizing your Telegram sports betting channels and groups.

How to create a betting channel on Telegram?

It’s easy to set up a Telegram channel/group. You simply need to locate the New Message tab or tap on the circular pencil button in the lower right corner and select New Channel/New Group.

Bringing it to life and delivering on the promises, however, is a different task. So, it is essential to do it properly from the very beginning and place your futures bet wisely.

First thing first, what’s the difference between sports betting Telegram groups and channels? Telegram groups are a great way to bring together people of common sports betting interests, provide them with valuable tips, and let them discuss their ideas.

On the other hand, sports betting Telegram channels are an efficient tool to share messages with massive audiences, reaching them directly and sending notifications when you post new content. Note that unlike channels, which can have an unlimited number of subscribers, groups can have up to 200k members.

Once you’ve created your channel/group, follow these steps to build your presence on Telegram:

Think of an attention-grabbing name

The name of your channel/group should speak about your service and arouse interest. Make sure to include some words that relate to the content you’re going to share, such as prediction, odds, betting, bet, bets, tips, tipster, sport, football, tennis, cricket, hockey, etc.

Invent an original and recognizable logo

Logos are the most important element in a company because they’re the most recognizable brand identifier. In fact, 50% of consumers are willing to interact with a brand they can easily recognize. That being said, choose the right type of logo that grabs attention and makes a strong first impression.

Provide Compelling Channel Information

Now that you’ve created an attention-grabbing name and an impressive logo, you need to provide compelling channel information:

  • Write a brief description of the main purpose of your channel/group and how it’ll benefit subscribers. Include your unique selling proposition based on your expertise, analytics, and betting strategies you use.
  • If you’re using an affiliate link, guide your users to the respective betting platform. For instance, you can say “Place your bets on (ref link).
  • Include the promo codes and bonuses you offer.
  • Provide contact details.

Fill your channel/group with content

A good rule of thumb is to publish content at least 2 weeks before launching your sports betting channel with 4-5 posts per day to make it look more natural. In the next section, we will further discuss channel content so that you make sure you offer value to your subscribers. But before that, there’s one final step you need to take.

Populate your channel to build trust

It’s time to populate your channel before going live. Telegram allows you to manually add up to 200 members to your Telegram channel. With groups, however, you can add as many members manually as you want without limitations.

So, your first subscribers can be your family members and friends that you select directly from your list of contacts. Though inactive, such members will make your Telegram channel/group more trustworthy and credible for the new audience.

Note that the groups and channels you create in Telegram are public, and you have to choose a unique public link to your channel. Also, by default, all members of your groups can send messages and share content.

How to make money with a betting channel on Telegram

You have two options to monetize your sports betting Telegram channel/group. Use them individually or in combination:

Running a Sports Betting Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to make your Telegram channel/group generate profit. Basically, being an affiliate involves acting as an intermediary between betting platforms and new bettors. There are three revenue models you can use:

  1. Revenue Share Commission Plan is an ongoing partnership allowing you to receive a percentage of the net profit that the betting platform makes from your referrals as long as they’re active. Your commission can vary between 25% and 45% and the more traffic you bring, the more you earn.  
  2. Cost-per-Acquisition Model, which is a flat rate for every depositing player that uses your referral link. Typically, this payment model increases earnings based on how many players you bring. For example, if 5 of your subscribers place their bets using your referral link, you can get $40 per person. But if 115 of your channel members make deposits, your earnings can jump to $100 per player. This strategy is the best option if you’ve just started your channel. It provides instant profit and allows you to reinvest in growing your business.
  3. Hybrid Deals, are more flexible and combine RevShare and CPA models. For instance, you can get a 30% commission and between $20 and $50 per depositing player as a CPA.

To make the most of an affiliate program, make sure to drive serious traffic to the sports betting platform you work with by providing valuable content to the subscribers of your public Telegram channel. Post your bets as free betting tips followed by your affiliate link.

This should make up about two-thirds of your total posts. Fill the rest of your channel content with posts containing information about forthcoming matches, promo codes, and screenshots of your winning bets. However, take care not to spam your channel with too many GIFs, ads, or posts that don’t bring any value to your members.

Running a Paid Subscription Sports Betting Channel

The paid subscription model offers great potential for turning your sports betting channel into a sustainable business. The difference between your free and paid channel is that you provide only a small portion of your sports betting predictions in the free channel.

Your goal is to build trust and give value to your members by letting them see the tip of the iceberg. Then, make them want more! Your members can subscribe to your paid channel where you share more extensive betting predictions and exclusive tips in text format or as bet screenshots.

However, managing a combination of channels is a demanding and time-consuming task. You can’t possibly be responsive 24/7.

How can you make sure you’ll be there for your subscribers whenever they need you? Using the InviteMember all-in-one membership bot platform will help you streamline all operations of managing multiple channels/groups. It enables you to create a customized sports-getting telegram channel bot that will:

  • Automate customer payments and customer lifecycle operations by automatically adding and removing members and sending renewal reminders. The InviteMember platform empowers your subscription business with automated payment processing and your members can choose from a wide range of payment methods (including crypto payments). A dedicated bot will make running your sports betting Telegram channel/group smooth and effortless and free you from the tedious tasks of handling subscriber management.
  • Streamline your channel communication and customer support with the SUCH integration. This feature allows you to easily respond to any support requests and queries sent to the bot by your subscribers which help you beat your competitors.

As an all-in-one subscription management platform, InviteMember helps you avoid manual management of your sports betting Telegram channels/groups. It’s easy to attract new followers instead of losing your leads by keeping them waiting for your response.

How to Grow Members for Betting Telegram Channel

Let’s take a look at ten effective ways to grow your channel. You can combine some of them to maximize your results.

Prove Your Expertise

Make sure your sports betting tips have a good winning score and share screenshots of your bets and wins as proof. That way, your subscribers will trust you even more and will talk about your channel and share it with their friends. Below, we’ve provided a couple of examples of how some sports betting Telegram channel owners prove the accuracy and profitability of their sports predictions and tips.

£40 invested - £234.90 won

€2,000 invested - €5,600 won

Use Cross-Promotion

When you’ve built an audience, you can promote your sports betting channel in other Telegram channels in exchange for promoting them in your channel. This is an option for channels of similar sizes. For instance, if you have 5k subscribers, you aren’t very likely to be promoted in a channel with 15k followers.

Offer cross-promotion to channels related to interests closer to yours, such as sports-related channels instead of movies or cooking.  

Advertise on Other Telegram Channels

Reach out to another channel/group admins and negotiate publishing paid posts about your betting channel/group.

Use the Telegram analytics tools to search channels by category, number of subscribers, and average post reach (see screenshot below). Focus on a channel’s recent post reach when deciding how much you’re willing to spend on ad placement.

Post Shareable Content that Gives Value to your Subscribers

Creating unique and viral content will help you engage your leads and build a solid community. Posting screenshots of your winning bets, in-depth analysis of forthcoming events, and accurate predictions will let you benefit from word-of-mouth advertising.

Grab audience attention with urgent insights or odd alerts as it increases the chances of it being shared. Sports memes are also a great way to create virality.

Get Published on Telegram Channel Catalogs

This is easy and free. Come up with an impressive description and publish your sports betting channel on telegramlist, tgstat, tlgrm, telega, or other platforms. It’s a good strategy to select a relevant category that is not overcrowded. Finding a good category can get you over 10 subscribers daily.

Post Youtube Videos

This is the least used way to promote Telegram channels/groups. However, YouTube has gained popularity as a content searching platform.

Posting a video review is an effective way to slip in an invitation to join your sports betting Telegram channel. For instance, you can make a video sharing your analysis of yesterday's match or your prediction of next week’s match. Make it compelling and impressive and use it to promote your Telegram channel/group letting the audience know where they can find even more valuable tips.

Get into Chat Groups and Q&A Platforms

You can easily find chat groups related to Telegram channels, become an active participant, and share a link to your sports betting channel. Another option is posting on Q&A platforms, such as Quora. However, you have to make sure you don’t look spammy or you could get banned. A good strategy is to provide useful information along with your link.

Leverage Advanced Subscription Plans

Creating a dedicated Telegram bot through the InviteMember platform enables you to benefit from the advanced subscription plan settings. You can personalize your service offering by segmenting your subscribers. Offering access to different plans and resources to various subscriber segments such as new, active, and churned will let you attract and nurture your subscribers, thus growing your sports betting subscription business on Telegram.

Set Up Your Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a great way to grow your business without investing additional time and effort. Your affiliates will bring new subscribers to your sports betting Telegram channel with their own marketing efforts. With the Affiliate Program feature of InviteMember, you can take advantage of developing an affiliate network where your partners promote your sports betting services. The platform allows you to specify parameters like commission rate, minimum payout amounts, payout method, etc. This InviteMember bot capability supports the scaling of your subscription business while saving time and resources.

Broadcast Tailored Messages in your Free Channel

Implementing subscription management automation through the InviteMember platform enables you to broadcast mass messages tailored to the different segments of your free channel members. You can use this feature to nurture your leads and attract them to your paid subscription sports betting channel/group. This is a great opportunity to grow your paid subscription business in case you run a combination of free and paid channels/groups.

Whether you’re creating your sports betting Telegram channel or looking to grow your existing membership business, we can help you achieve your goals. Get started with InviteMember FREE today to build your sustainable subscription business. If you have further questions, get in touch with us.