We all know the internet has brought huge benefits to society. Education, in particular, has proven how useful digital technologies can be. Today, anyone can access the biggest information network ever created to learn anything in seconds. The other way around, teachers can deliver their content instantly, and get paid on a recurring basis all in the same place, without technical complexities or any special kind of required knowledge.

In recent years, coaches, trainers, and educators, among other content creators, have been using Telegram to reach their audiences more efficiently. Telegram is focused on speed and security, and it has a large list of features that marks its distance from other popular but outdated messaging apps.

Thanks to its unique communication capabilities and the fact that it's already installed on millions of devices worldwide, Telegram is the best mobile-first platform for delivering education as a service. In this article you'll learn everything there is to know about online teaching with Telegram and how you can start or boost your e-learning subscription-based business in no time.

How can we use Telegram for education?

Three main features make Telegram ideal for e-learning: groups, channels, and bots. Telegram groups can be used like massive classrooms. Teachers can share any file format with their students, students can interact with each other, and communication can be regulated to keep everything organized.

In addition, Telegram channels are a great way to content, create newsletters, or even share a blog or podcast. Unlike groups, which have a limit of 200,000 members, channels can have an unlimited number of members. Channels are great for streaming live events or for keeping your students informed and updated.

The third feature that makes Telegram the best messaging app today is the possibility of creating bots. You can create a bot to do almost anything, including downloading youtube videos, getting the news, or managing a subscription-based business. But Telegram's groups and channels wouldn't be as useful as they are for educators if it wasn't for one special bot, the InviteMember bot.

Thanks to the InviteMember bot, Telegram's private groups, and channels can now become the members-only area of your membership business. This is exactly what you need if you want to earn money from online teaching on Telegram. The InviteMember bot creates subscription plans, connects payment integrations, and helps educators get paid through the app.

How can I teach online students on Telegram?

The first thing you need to do is to create your education project in Telegram with the InviteMember bot. You can either follow this guide or just start the @InviteMemberBot in Telegram and follow the instructions prompted.

Once you've created your online teaching project in Telegram you'll have a custom branded Telegram bot your students will use to pay for your subscription plans. All you have to do now is promote your project. You can share the links to either the subscription plans or your membership bot, and people will start subscribing.

Teaching in Telegram is easy. You can have as many groups or channels as you want so you can segment your subjects as needed. You can also group them into different subscription plans with different periods, prices, or currencies.

Teachers using Telegram for education usually use groups when they want their students to interact and share knowledge amongst themselves. They use channels when they want to deliver content in a more structured way, allowing or restricting feedback as necessary. It's totally up to you and your educational techniques how you'll deliver your lessons.

How can I earn a regular income using Telegram for education?

Educators from around the world have been becoming financially independent thanks to their skills, knowledge, and the Telegram app. Thanks to the InviteMember bot, thousands of content creators worldwide are creating sustainable businesses selling subscription plans to their online teaching programs on Telegram.

One of the bot's main features for helping you manage a subscription-based business is automating the addition and removal of subscribers. You can forget about sending renewal reminders, controlling access to your private resources, and charging your clients. The bot will take care of this automatically while you focus on what really matters, delivering valuable content.

The InviteMember platform has a great list of payment integrations you can enable that allow your clients to pay from anywhere in the world. You just need to connect your payment provider account to your membership project. Then, each time someone pays, the user will be taken to the payment provider's domain, such as PayPal or Stripe, and payment will be processed and deposited directly into your wallet.

Entrepreneurs using Telegram for education tend to create subscription tiers to offer a greater variety of learning opportunities. If you're teaching languages, for example, you could create a "basic" subscription plan that only includes a channel with learning material and then create a more "premium" plan with access to a channel where language classes can be streamed as well.


There's a huge demand for online education these days. Tests preparation courses, languages, techniques, and any other type of shareable knowledge can be highly valued information for massive audiences. Many educators have realized this and are using Telegram to reach out to wider audiences worldwide.

With the InviteMember bot, you can start or boost your online teaching business in Telegram in minutes. The bot will help you handle your business management tasks and will also give you marketing tools to attract, nurture, and recover your customers.
Creating a subscription-based project is free and you can upgrade as you grow. Start today!