In 2021, Telegram unveiled the Payments 2.0 feature, opening doors for developers to set up payment bots for live transactions in groups and channels.

However, PayPal wasn't available as a Supported Payment Provider, making direct integration a bit tricky. Despite this, creating a PayPal-Telegram connection isn’t impossible.

InviteMember’s seamless PayPal integration is tailored not just for single transactions, but also for recurring charges—a boon for subscription-driven ventures.

Keep reading to discover how to effortlessly receive PayPal payments for your services using a subscription bot in Telegram.

Is it safe to use PayPal in Telegram?

PayPal is a highly secure payment platform provider. Its strong encryption system keeps each transaction safe and private, and it has a well-known customer protection policy for many types of online purchases.

It's no surprise that PayPal has become a popular choice for online payments over the last decade. People feel safer using PayPal. Similarly, Telegram focuses on security and speed, making it a preferred app for cautious users.

Using PayPal in Telegram is even more secure with the InviteMember payment integration. Any payment made through the PayPal-Telegram integration is encrypted from start to finish and is completed in PayPal's domain only. Neither Telegram nor InviteMember will manage your transactions at any point, ensuring all transactions are fully protected by PayPal.

How do I link my PayPal account to Telegram?

Linking your PayPal account to Telegram is a breeze with the InviteMember bot. All you need is a PayPal Business account, which you can set up as either a company or an individual, and then connect it to the bot.

Telegram PayPal bot
PayPal in your business

The InviteMember bot offers two modes for connecting PayPal: Test mode for practicing transactions, and Live mode for receiving real payments.

It's a good idea to start with Test mode to get a feel for how payments work and ensure everything is set up correctly. Remember to switch to Live mode when you're ready to start accepting real payments!

To start accepting PayPal payments in Telegram, just follow these steps after you've created your first InviteMember project:

  1. Start the @InviteMemberBot in Telegram.
  2. Type '/myprojects' and send it to access your projects, then choose 'Payment Options.
  3. Pick 'PayPal' and select either Test or Live mode.
  4. Select 'Connect'.
InviteMemberBot PayPal menu
InviteMember bot PayPal menu

Next, you'll receive step-by-step instructions on how to obtain your Client ID and secret key from the PayPal Developer Dashboard. Don't worry, there's no need to write any code or dive into technical details. After you provide your Client ID and secret key to the bot, you'll be all set to receive PayPal payments in Telegram.

One of the main advantages of linking your PayPal account to Telegram with the InviteMember integration is the ability to accept recurring payments from your clients. This means you can operate a subscription-based business, with clients being automatically charged on a recurring basis.

Setting PayPal's Grace Period in Telegram

PayPal offers a grace period feature for your recurring subscribers. If a subscriber misses a payment, PayPal will attempt to charge it twice over the next 10 days following the first failed charge. If the payment isn’t settled during this time, PayPal adds the outstanding balance to the next billing cycle.

The term 'Payment Failure Threshold' refers to the number of times an outstanding amount can roll over to the next billing cycle. By default, PayPal sets this value at 0. This means a subscriber can remain active indefinitely, with their outstanding balance carried over each billing cycle until it's paid. However, if you change this value to 2, for instance, a subscriber can only stay active for two billing cycles without payment before their subscription is suspended.

While some PayPal integrations allow you to adjust the payment failure threshold value, InviteMember's PayPal-Telegram integration uniquely allows you to disable grace periods altogether. This way, PayPal won’t attempt to reach a maximum payment failure threshold before suspending an account, if that’s your preference.

InviteMember's PayPal-Telegram integration has a default payment failure threshold value of '1'. This means your subscribers will have a grace period equal to one billing cycle (e.g., one month if you bill monthly) before their unpaid subscription gets suspended. Setting up the PayPal grace period with the InviteMember bot is easy. If you want to disable it completely, it's just a button press away.

To configure your PayPal-Telegram integration grace period, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to your project menu in the @InviteMemberBot
  2. Select 'Payment Options.'
  3. Select 'PayPal.'
  4. Choose 'Set Payment Failure Threshold' to change its value, or select 'Disable Grace Period' to remove it.

Canceling PayPal Recurring Payments

With InviteMember's PayPal-Telegram integration, both you and your subscribers have the flexibility to cancel their subscriptions at any time. This can be achieved in four different ways:

By your subscriber in your membership bot

  • To initiate this, the user should type and send "Status" to your membership bot, then select "Cancel subscription," and confirm.

By yourself in the @InviteMemberBot

  • Navigate to the PayPal's payment option menu in the InviteMember bot, select "Cancel subscription," and enter your customer's subscription ID.


  • Subscriptions will be canceled automatically if there's a payment issue, there's no grace period, or if PayPal's payment failure threshold value is reached.

By you or your subscriber on the PayPal website

Subscriptions can also be canceled directly on the PayPal website by either you or your clients. However, be aware that canceling through PayPal will have an immediate effect on the subscription. This means subscribers will be removed from your subscription plan instantly, regardless of any remaining time on their subscription, which is not the case with the other cancellation methods listed above.

Disconnecting PayPal from Telegram

Disconnecting your PayPal account from Telegram is a straightforward process. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your project menu in the InviteMember bot.
  2. Select 'Payment Options.'
  3. Select 'PayPal.'
  4. Hit the 'Disconnect' button.

After completing these steps, your PayPal account will be disconnected from Telegram, and you should see a confirmation message indicating the successful disconnection.


Accepting PayPal payments through Telegram presents a significant advantage for your business. Not only can it boost your revenue by drawing in more customers familiar with and trusting of this well-established payment platform, but it also simplifies the management of recurring subscriptions.

If you envision leveraging a PayPal-Telegram integration for your membership-based business, seize the opportunity to get started with InviteMember FREE today!