Many people make a mistake when they try to get more members for their Telegram group or channel. They try to get lots of new members fast. But they don't think about keeping the members they already have happy and interested.

It should be obvious to everyone that tricking people to join is no good. These people will leave soon. They simply won't help your group grow. It's very important to have members who really care about what you share. It's just as essential as sharing good things that your members like.

If you use good ways to get new members, you might not get a lot of them fast. But the members you get will really care about your group.

Here you'll find some good ways to get more members. But remember, it's not good if they join and then leave soon. You should always share engaging and relevant things in your group.

Use Social Media to Tell People About Your Group

If you have a brand, product, or service that people know about, you can use social media to tell them about your Telegram groups and channels.

Social Media
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Some of the best tactics you can use when leveraging social media when promoting your Telegram channel or group are:

  • When people look at your social media profile, they should see your Telegram group link first.
  • Even if many people know about Telegram, you can tell them how to join your group if they don't have the Telegram app.
  • Tell your social media followers about your Telegram group and channels once in a while. Don't do it too much in a spammy manner.
  • Share good things from your group. This will make them want to join. Tell them why your Telegram group is special.

Give Special Deals or Prizes

  • You can give people something special if they join your group or share it. But be careful. You want members who really care about your group.

Telegram subscription bots, can even issue Access Codes that you can give as free coupons for entering private paid groups and channels.

Connect with People Who Share Your Interests

There are places online where people talk about things they like. Places like Reddit, Clubhouse, or other Telegram groups are good examples.

Friends and community with shared interests
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You should join these places and talk to people. You can also work with popular people in these places to help your group get noticed.

For example, if you have a group about cryptocurrency, you should find people who like cryptocurrency. They might be on Reddit or in other Telegram groups.

Big popular groups might not want to work with small new groups. But small groups can be very good too. They can have members who really care.

Know What Your Members Search For Online

SEO (search engine optimization) can help you attract potential customers making your content available to anyone looking for it on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Browsing and SEO
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Knowing your audience's search intent and the search queries they use will help you optimize your Telegram channel or group to be displayed on the first page of the search engine. The channel name and the latest posts must be relevant for your target search keywords.

Another promising tactic is creating and posting blog articles optimized for your search intent. The blogs should include links to your Telegram channel or group.

Numerous SEO tools are designed to give you complete analytics and insights regarding your potential customer's searching habits.

Pay to Show Your Group to More People

After some time, if people like your group, you can pay to show it to more people.

Paying for advertising
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This is different from paying for members. You are paying to show your group to people who might like it. But they will only join if they like what you share.

There are places like Google and Facebook where you can pay to show your group. They will also tell you how your paid ads are doing.

If your group is about special topics like crypto, you should find special places to show your ads.

End Words

Telegram groups and channels can be very good for business today. There are tools like InviteMember that can help you make money from your group. Having many members is very important. But you should get members in the right way.

If you're thinking of starting a new subscription business or expanding an existing one, get started with InviteMember FREE today. If you still have further questions, get in touch with us.