The capacity to create massive communication channels is in anyone's hands these days. Podcasting and YouTube streaming have become two very profitable activities for independent creators thanks to platforms like Spotify and Youtube. But did you know you could also use Telegram for video and audio streaming? And not only that, but you can also create a sustainable income source by monetizing your podcast on Telegram!

Podcasts on Telegram are becoming a new trend for content delivery. This app has become the tool of choice for streamers and podcasters in recent years because it's already installed on millions of devices worldwide and it has exclusive communication features that make it ideal for podcasts.

In this article, you'll learn why Telegram is great for running podcasts and radio shows, and how you can make money from them.

Why are people streaming podcasts on Telegram?

Creatives are bringing their content to Telegram because it's a popular, open, and reliable platform. The app works great for limitless voice chats and live streams, and it can be monetized easily and in no time with the right tools.

In March 2021, an already impressive Telegram feature, Voice Chats, was upgraded to allow millions of listeners worldwide to gather and join limitless voice chats and live video streams. Content creators don't have to worry about storage limitations or streaming costs. Everything is provided by Telegram's cloud-based and super reliable infrastructure.

What makes Telegram the ideal app for podcasts is not only its huge list of features and capabilities but also the possibility of creating a subscription-based business with it. Another great perk Telegram has to offer, and the one that makes the app so attractive is the ability to monetize.

You can consider this the evolution of public radio. Besides broadcasting your voice to millions without distance restrictions, you can also record audio talks, save them, and publish them in your group or channel for your audience to reproduce without time restrictions. And best of all, you can get paid for doing this with the help of a subscription management bot.

How can I run my podcast show on Telegram?

Creating a podcast on Telegram is easy. You have to download the app, create a group or channel, gather an audience, and start broadcasting.

You can choose to run your own public TV or radio station on Telegram by creating either a public channel for Unlimited Live Streams or a public group for Limitless Voice Chats. You could also create private groups and channels with the same features, make them members-only, and sell your content.

To start running your podcast on Telegram, open your group or channel settings menu and tap or click the "Video Chat" button in groups, or the "Live Stream" button in channels. Once you've started a broadcast, your viewers or listeners can raise their hands if they want to participate.

You might also want to record your talks while streaming and preserve them for your audience to recall. To record a talk and publish it for whoever might have missed the live stream, you just have to open the settings menu while broadcasting and select the "Start recording” button.

All participants who are being recorded will be notified about this with a red light next to their usernames as they speak. The recorded chats will be saved immediately after finishing recording, and they will be available for all the group or channel members as saved messages.

If you prefer to edit your content instead of broadcasting live, you can create video files in any format and upload them to your group or channel at your own pace. You can even use the pin feature to keep your episodes listed in order.

How can I earn money with my Telegram podcast?

Making money while producing on Telegram is easier than you might imagine. You just need a bot to do all the management tasks while you put your creativity to work. The InviteMember platform is the tool content creators around the world have been using to build profitable and scalable subscription-based businesses in Telegram.

First, you need to create a subscription project. To do this, just follow this guide or start the InviteMember bot in Telegram and follow the steps as prompted.

You'll be asked to add a group or channel to your project. You’ll be able to add more later and these will be where your content will be found and what your clients will be paying for.

After adding your first group or channel, you will create a subscription plan. This is what you'll be selling, on a recurring basis or on a one-time basis. You'll be able to name your first subscription plan, and set a price, a currency, and a period.

InviteMember will also help you create your own Membership Bot. This bot will have your name, brand,, and business description. It will be the interface your clients will use to subscribe to your plans and manage their subscriptions. Here's an example of a membership bot: @YogaMemberBot.

Finally, you'll have to connect a payment option for your membership-based business. You can connect any of the payment provider options available. All payments will be handled directly on the payment provider account and neither Telegram nor InviteMember will have access to or handle your money at any time.

Once you've created your first Telegram subscription project and are ready to deliver content people are willing to pay for, you'll just need to promote the link to your membership bot anywhere you think your potential audience may be. Your clients will then go to your bot, choose a plan, and subscribe.


Now you know why content creators around the world have been using Telegram to deliver their content. Running your own radio or podcast show on Telegram is easy and it can also be very profitable with the help of the InviteMember platform.

Telegram is not only the best messaging app to broadcast and chat with a huge amount of viewers and listeners, but with the help of the InviteMember bot, it can also help you become a financially independent entrepreneur.

Check out InviteMember's subscription tiers, you can start for free today and upgrade as you grow!