These days, trading signals are highly valued by novice and expert investors alike. The demand for this content among hundreds of thousands of traders keeps growing while trading signal providers are becoming more efficient in delivering profitable information.

The internet revolutionized the speed at which any exchange market moves, especially the forex market. It is no surprise people started looking for market analysis on their mobile devices.

Some forex signals providers, who understood the importance of mobile-first formats, started delivering their content through WhatsApp while doing their subscription management from other platforms. But WhatsApp's lack of flexibility and customization and managing their membership-based business in another platform was still a burden.

Eventually, content creators discarded WhatsApp and other messaging apps in exchange for Telegram. Telegram is not only fast, secure, and already installed on millions of mobile phones worldwide, but it's also an open platform that allows developers to create almost anything.

In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know to start selling forex signals on Telegram.

Can you sell trade signals?

If you are a professional trader conducting forex market technical analysis, you're free of giving suggestions. Additionally, you can get paid for doing so. In fact, selling and buying forex signals is becoming a common practice within trading communities.

Since the InviteMember platform was created, selling forex signals in Telegram has become the norm among top traders and financial educators. It has never been easier for analysts and educators to provide their subscription services to subscribers, in no time.

Is giving forex signals illegal?

There's nothing illegal about selling forex signals or giving them for free. As long as you aren't handling your clients' money and investing it at your discretion, you're not responsible for your subscribers' investments.

Needless to say, the success of any subscription-based business is in the quality of its content. The same applies to selling forex signals.

Your clients will not leave your membership project if you’re offering valuable information, and more clients will eventually come. The increasing number of people who sell forex signals in Telegram and the massive demand are proof of the legality of this business model and its efficiency.

Why do forex traders use Telegram?

Telegram has become the platform of choice not only for forex traders, but for all kinds of traders too. Being focused on speed and security, the app makes the perfect communication tool between market analysts, traders, and investors seeking safe and fast-paced information delivery worldwide.

As mentioned before, Telegram private groups and channels have many features that make them really valuable resources for signal providers. From simple but unique things such as animated stickers, to creating a channel with literally millions of members, super features like these make Telegram the best messaging app on the market.

Some of Telegram's private channels' main features include:

  • Unlimited number of members
  • Hiding the channel to those without an invitation link
  • Works perfectly as a newsletter
  • Images, audio, videos, links, files, rich text format, and any other kind of files can be posted
  • Reactions and comments can be enabled for posts
  • Can be customized with a logo, name, and description
  • Users can mute or leave at any time
  • Can stream to millions of users worldwide in real-time

Telegram private groups are another great resource for subscription-based businesses in general. Forex traders in particular love the following features:

  • There can be up to 200,000 members in a group
  • Can't be found without an invitation link
  • Works perfectly for massive chat groups
  • Messages can be replied and forwarded
  • Users can be mentioned or tagged in messages
  • Messages can be pinned so members can find them easily
  • Group owners can set individual or bulk restrictions on reading or sending messages or media
  • Can create live group video chats with thousands of users

Another great perk that attracts forex traders in particular, the protected content feature, can be enabled for both private groups and channels. Enabling this feature will help you establish anti-piracy rules in your membership project resources. Content creators can restrict message forwarding in their groups, prevent screenshots, and limit the ability to download posted media.

How can I sell forex signals in Telegram?

Creating a subscription-based project and beginning to sell forex signals in Telegram is super easy with InviteMember. You can either follow this guide for getting started or start the InviteMember bot and follow the instructions prompted.

The first thing you'll be asked to do is to add a resource to your project. This can be a private group or channel. After finishing the setup wizard, you'll be able to add as many resources as you want, but first, you'll be asked to add just one.

After adding your first resource you'll create a subscription plan. This will be what your clients will actually be paying for and what will allow them periodic access to your resources. Then, you'll add your membership bot. Your clients will use this as an interface to manage their subscriptions.

Finally, you'll just have to connect your payment provider accounts to any of the available payment integrations. If you choose PayPal, for example, you'll be connecting your PayPal account and every payment will be completed directly by your clients and deposited to your account. Telegram or InviteMember will never handle your money.

Once you've set up your project, you'll just need to share the link to your membership bot, or to any of your subscription plans, and your clients will be able to pay and join your resources.

The InviteMember bot has other marketing tools that can help you attract leads or nurture active customers. For example, you can use Access Codes for giving free access or extending subscription plans. Or, you can create special plans that can only be used by newcomers, active subscribers, or lost customers.

Another tip for selling forex signals in Telegram is to add your risk-reward ratio in your project description, along with all the benefits your subscribers will be getting for subscribing to your service. You can also create subscription plan tiers offering different service levels at different prices and periods.


Telegram has become the holy grail for analysts, educators, traders, and investors alike. It's the perfect place for people to communicate and share valuable information. With the help of the best subscription bot, it has become the perfect tool for subscription-based businesses too.

Simply said, thanks to the InviteMember platform, selling forex signals in Telegram has become a very profitable trend worldwide. Create your profitable subscription-based business with InviteMember today!