Entrepreneurs and business owners love data. Things like statistics, analytics, and insights are always useful for making efficient decisions and increasing one's performance. Business owners, in particular, especially those delivering services on a periodic basis, know that measuring customer satisfaction is fundamental to their business's growth and success.

Entrepreneurs running a subscription-based business in Telegram have powerful tools to measure their group and channel evolution. With the help of Telegram's built-in statistics dashboards and the InviteMember bot exportable datasheets, users can have a crystal clear view of their Telegram assets at any time.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Telegram analytics and the tools at your disposal for keeping track of your business stats.

How can I use the Telegram channel analytics feature?

One of the many perks making Telegram one of the best platforms for content creators is its built-in analytics tools. Telegram channels have Channel Statistics, a colorful dashboard that allows you to monitor your channel's audience growth over time.

To get access to the dashboard, you just need to open your channel settings menu and select "Statistics". The Statistics feature will show you an overview with the number of followers, the percentage of subscribers who have notifications enabled, and the number of views and shares per post. You'll also be able to see graphs measuring your growth for any determined period, followers who have joined or left, muted and unmuted notifications, views by hours, and more.

The feature is available for channels with more than 50 members but it's not currently available in all Telegram versions. You will surely be able to find it in the latest Android and iOS versions of the app.

How can I check my Telegram group analytics?

Just like channels, Telegram groups have their own deep and colorful statistics dashboard. The Group Statistics feature can be accessed just like the Channels Statistics feature, by opening the group settings menu and selecting "Statistics".

With this feature, you'll also get an overview of the number of members, shared messages, viewing members, and posting members. You'll also get time graphs to visually check your group's growth and performance. You'll even be able to know the days and hours when your audience is more active, their main languages, and the top participants, among other relevant details.

Like the Channel Statistics feature, this feature is not yet available in all Telegram versions and you need to have a group with at least 500 members to use it. If you're using the last Telegram versions for Android and iOS, you'll surely find this feature in your app.

How can I get my Telegram subscription-project data?

In recent years, all kinds of professionals and content creators have started using Telegram for creating or expanding their subscription services. InviteMember was the first platform to allow Telegram users to create and automate membership projects and payments in the messaging app.

Each subscription project in Telegram has its own data stored in the InviteMember servers. This data includes all the information involved with the users, payments, and subscriptions related to your projects. Reviewing this data will give you insights into things like the payment receipt dates, the status of your subscribers, or the subscription IDs you'd need in case you want to cancel a subscription.

Although this information is safely stored in the cloud, you can get it at any time by going to your project's main menu in the InviteMember bot, selecting "Telegram bot," and hitting the "Export data (CSV)" button. The data conveniently structured in Comma Separated Value (CSV) files, can easily be sorted, filtered, and analyzed with any spreadsheet software such as Numbers, Sheets, or Excel.


Everybody knows that Telegram is one of the best messaging apps out there, yet its built-in statistics features are not as well known among its users. Although there's still a minimum number of members required to use the group and channel statistics dashboards, and the feature is not yet available in all Telegram versions, it's very possible that the number of required members continues to decrease and that the feature will be available in all versions going forward.

In the meantime, creatives and independent entrepreneurs can make use of the already efficient Telegram analytics built-in features to check their growth and performance. Those running a subscription-based business with InviteMember can keep using their project's exportable data files to analyze their businesses in greater detail. If you want to start your subscription-based business for free, check out InviteMember's guide for getting started today!