The internet has opened up endless opportunities for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and content creators to monetize their passions and generate an income doing what they love. One popular way to do this is through subscription-based businesses, where customers pay a recurring fee in exchange for exclusive content, products, or services.

But with so many platforms available, it can be overwhelming to decide which is the right one to build your subscription-based business on. That's where messaging platforms like Telegram and Discord come in. These are currently considered two of the best communication apps out there, and have already huge built-in user bases, making them an attractive option for subscription-based businesses.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at Telegram and Discord and compare them as platforms for subscription-based businesses. We'll explore the advantages of each, as well as the strategies and tools available for building a successful subscription-based business. By the end of this article, you'll have a more in-depth understanding of which platform is right for your business and how to use it to maximize your revenue and create value for your subscribers.

Telegram Overview

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app that was founded by brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov in 2013. The platform was initially launched as an alternative to WhatsApp, offering users greater security and privacy features. Today, the Telegram features list has expanded like no other messaging app, and has over 700 million monthly active users, becoming one of the top 5 downloaded apps in the whole world!

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As you’ll see next, InviteMember on Telegram provides one of the most feature-rich and effective subscription platforms for content creators today. Thanks to this integration, any Telegram user can monetize their content no matter in which part of the world they’re located.

Key Features of Telegram

  • Cloud-based: Telegram uses cloud storage, which allows users to access their chats and files from multiple devices, with messages synced across all devices in real-time.
  • Security: Telegram is known for its end-to-end encryption, which ensures that only the intended recipient can read a message. It also offers a self-destruct timer for messages, which allows users to set a time limit for how long a message will be visible.
  • Group chats and channels: Telegram allows users to create both public and private groups, that can be organized in topics, with up to 200,000 members interacting simultaneously in a single group. It also offers channels for an unlimited number of members, which are similar to group chats but are designed for broadcasting messages to larger audiences.
  • File sharing: Telegram allows users to share files of up to 2GB in size, and up to 4GB for premium users, which is a significant advantage over other messaging apps.
  • Bots: Telegram has a robust bot API that allows developers to create bots that can perform a wide range of functions, from scheduling reminders and playing games to setting up a subscription-based business in minutes. Here’s an example of a membership bot created with InviteMember: @YogaMemberBot.

Advantages of InviteMember for Subscription-Based Businesses

  • International payment integrations: InviteMember supports a wide variety of international payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, and cryptocurrencies, for Telegram. This allows businesses to accept payments from customers worldwide, making it easier to expand their customer base and grow their business.
  • Customizable subscription plans: InviteMember allows businesses to create customizable subscription plans, offering access to different Telegram groups and channels, and setting different prices, periods, and currencies for each plan. This allows businesses to tailor their offerings to meet the unique needs of their audience and create more value for their subscribers.
  • Premium customer support: InviteMember offers premium personalized customer support to all of its customers, assisting with set-up, customization, and troubleshooting. This can be especially valuable for subscription-based businesses that rely heavily on their membership platform to deliver their services.
  • Web Dashboards: InviteMember's Web Dashboards provide detailed information about users, sales, and subscription history. This allows businesses to analyze their data and make informed decisions about their pricing, content, and marketing strategies.
  • Free SUCH integration: InviteMember integrates seamlessly (and for free!) with SUCH, a support bot for Telegram that allows businesses to communicate with their subscribers in a productive and organized manner. This can help businesses build stronger relationships with their subscribers and provide better customer support.

Discord Overview

Discord is a communication platform designed for gamers that was launched in 2015. The platform has since expanded to include a wide range of communities and interest groups, making it a popular choice for building communities around various topics. Discord has over 154 million monthly active users, and according to recent data, it is expected to grow even further.

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On the second floor, in addition to the Elite Suite, there are two more medium-sized gaming areas for up to 10 people. There are also two rooms for 2-3 people each for smaller teams.

All gaming stations are equipped with high-quality hardware and professional gaming gear. To allow you to enjoy long but relaxed gaming sessions, each gaming station is equipped with a comfortable Noblechair and height-adjustable, "rage-safe" Leetdesks.
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While Discord offers many advantages for building a subscription-based business, it's important to keep in mind that the Server Subscriptions feature is currently only available for US-based servers.

Key Features of Discord

  • Voice and text chat: Discord offers both voice and text chat features, allowing users to communicate with each other in real-time through individual servers’ channels.
  • Servers: Discord allows users to create and join servers, which are essentially communities based around a specific topic. Servers can be public or private and can be customized with different channels, roles, and permissions.
  • Bots: Discord has a robust bot API that allows developers to create bots that can perform a wide range of functions, from moderating communities to playing games.
  • Screen sharing: Discord allows users to share their screens with other users in a chat, making it easier to collaborate on projects or play games together.
  • Integrations: Discord offers integrations with other apps and services, such as Spotify and YouTube, making it easy to share content and collaborate with others.

Advantages of Discord for Subscription-Based Businesses

  • Community building: Discord is designed for building communities, making it an excellent platform for building a loyal audience around a subscription-based business. With its server-based structure, businesses can create a dedicated space for their subscribers to engage with each other and with the business owners.
  • Customizable roles and permissions: Discord allows businesses to set up custom roles and permissions, giving them full control over who can access what content and features within their servers. This is important for subscription-based businesses, as it allows them to offer different roles and permissions to their subscribers.
  • Diverse community: Discord has a diverse and engaged community, with users from all over the world and a wide range of interests. This makes it a great platform for building a community around a subscription-based business, especially if your business is focused on niche topics or interests.
  • Highly customizable: Discord offers a range of customization options, allowing businesses to create a unique look and feel for their community. With custom emojis, backgrounds, and themes, businesses can create a branded experience that resonates with their audience.
  • Marketing opportunities: Discord offers several features for Nitro and boosted accounts, that can be used for marketing, such as announcements, server invites, and custom links. These can be used to promote subscription plans and drive traffic to your server.

How to Use Telegram and Discord for Subscription-Based Businesses

Building a successful subscription-based business on Telegram or Discord requires a combination of careful planning, community building, and ongoing engagement with your subscribers. Here are some general guidelines and best practices to help you get started on each platform.

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Start with a Clear Value Proposition

To attract subscribers to Telegram, you need to have a clear value proposition that can be shared through your private groups and channels. Consider what unique content or services you can offer, and what benefits your subscribers will get from being a part of your community.

Use InviteMember to Manage Subscriptions

InviteMember is a third-party app that integrates with Telegram, allowing businesses to manage subscriptions and payments. With InviteMember you can create customizable subscription plans with different prices, durations, and services in minutes.

Engage with Your Subscribers

Telegram has a highly engaged user base, with many users spending hours on the app each day. Take advantage of this by regularly engaging with your subscribers, delivering content, answering questions, and soliciting feedback. This will help you build a loyal following and create a sense of community around your brand.

Create Exclusive Content: To keep your subscribers engaged and coming back for more, consider creating exclusive content that is only available to subscribers. This could include behind-the-scenes content, early access to new products or services, or exclusive discounts.

Promote Your Subscription Plan: Make sure to promote your subscription plans across all of your social media channels, email newsletters, and other marketing channels, by sharing your Telegram membership bot link. This InviteMember-powered bot will serve as your business paywall and as a branded communication platform between your customers and your business.


Create a Dedicated Server

To build a successful subscription-based business on Discord, you need to create a dedicated server for your subscribers. This server should be organized around a specific topic or theme and should offer a range of content and services that are exclusive to subscribers.

Customize Roles and Permissions

Discord allows businesses to create custom roles and permissions, giving them full control over who can access what content and features within their servers. This is important for subscription-based businesses, as it allows them to offer different roles and permissions to their subscribers based on their subscription tier.

Use Boosting to Monetize Your Community

Discord's Server Boosting feature allows users to pay to boost a server, giving businesses another way to monetize their Discord communities. Consider offering perks or benefits to users who boost your server, such as exclusive content or early access to new products or services.

Foster Community Engagement

Discord is designed for building communities, so it's essential to foster engagement and create a sense of community around your brand. Consider hosting events, contests, or other activities that encourage subscribers to interact with each other and with your brand.

Promote Your Subscription Plan

Make sure to promote your members-only server across all of your marketing channels, including social media, email newsletters, and other channels. You can also use Discord's built-in marketing tools, such as server invites and custom links, to drive traffic to your subscription landing page.

By following these general guidance and best practices, you can build a successful subscription-based business on Telegram or Discord, and create value for your subscribers while maximizing your revenue.


When it comes to choosing a messaging platform for your subscription-based business, both Telegram and Discord have a lot to offer. With their large and engaged user bases, customization options, and robust bot APIs, they provide a solid foundation for building a thriving community of subscribers.

However, there are some key differences between the two platforms that should be taken into consideration. One major difference is the accessibility of their subscription programs. While Discord's Server Subscription feature is currently only available to US-based servers, InviteMember on Telegram provides a more accessible and affordable subscription platform for anyone in the world, regardless of their budget or where they are located.

InviteMember offers a range of features and integrations that make it easy to monetize your Telegram groups and channels, with customizable subscription plans, international payment integrations, and premium customer support. And with a Free Tier available, it's a great option for small businesses and content creators just starting out, who can upgrade as they grow.

Ultimately, the best messaging platform for your subscription-based business will depend on your specific needs and goals. By considering the advantages and limitations of each platform, and following best practices for community building and engagement, you can create a successful subscription-based business on Telegram, Discord, or any other platform that fits your needs.