Hey Telegram fans! Want to know about the different kinds of usernames you can have on Telegram? In this guide, we're going to look at basic and special (collectible) usernames. Both types help you make your own special mark on Telegram.

Telegram Username Generator

Before we talk more about basic and collectible Telegram usernames, here’s something helpful. If you need a good name for your Telegram account, there's a tool for that.

It's called the SUCH Telegram Username Generator. This tool helps you make cool Telegram usernames easily. It’s great for new accounts or if you want to change your current username to something better. If you're thinking about a collectible username, this tool can give you ideas.

Basic and Collectible Telegram Usernames

In the world of Telegram, users are identified and connected through their unique Telegram usernames. These usernames come in two distinct forms: Basic and Collectible. Each type offers different features and serves various purposes on the platform.

Basic Usernames

  • Free and First-Come, First-Served: Basic usernames are freely available and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Unique to Each User: Once a user selects a basic username, it is unique to their profile.
  • Standard Length Requirements: These usernames have minimum length requirements and are typically longer.
  • Non-Tradable: Users cannot buy, sell, or trade basic usernames.

Collectible Usernames

  • Purchasable and Tradable: Unlike basic usernames, collectible usernames can be bought, sold, or traded.
  • Shorter and More Distinctive: They often feature shorter lengths, allowing for more memorable and distinctive usernames, as @SUCH.
  • Secured by Blockchain: Collectible usernames are secured by the TON blockchain, enhancing their security and uniqueness.
  • Multiple Usernames per User: Users can have multiple collectible usernames and assign them to profiles, groups, or channels.

While both basic and collectible Telegram usernames identify and enable communication between users, the latter introduces an innovative aspect of tradability and distinctive character, underpinned by blockchain technology.

Securing Your Unique Telegram Identity: A Guide to TON, Fragment, and Collectible Usernames

To get a special username on Telegram, you need to know about TON and Fragment. TON is the tech that supports it, and Fragment is where you buy the usernames. Both are key to using digital items on Telegram. This guide will show you how these work and how to get your collectible username.

Understanding TON (Telegram Open Network)

TON was created by the Telegram team as a big step in blockchain technology. It was made to be a network that works with different blockchains. Even though Telegram stopped working on it, the community kept it going as The Open Network. This blockchain is special because it can manage unique digital things like collectible items on Telegram. To learn more about how TON developed and its importance in Telegram, you can read more here.

Exploring Fragment

Fragment is a key part of the TON ecosystem, acting as a decentralized place for trading collectible usernames on Telegram. These usernames are protected by TON's blockchain technology, making them secure digital items that people can buy, sell, or auction. Fragment makes it easy for users to get these unique usernames, offering a safe way to boost their digital identity on Telegram. For more details on how Fragment works with Telegram's special usernames, you can visit Fragment's About page.

Acquiring Collectible Usernames: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Creating a Wallet: Download the Tonkeeper app and set up your wallet. Write down your recovery phrase securely to avoid losing access to your wallet.
  2. Depositing Funds: Deposit TON into your wallet. If you don't own any TON, buy it from recommended platforms. Ensure you use the correct wallet address to receive your funds.
  3. Connecting to Fragment and Telegram: Once your wallet is funded, log into Fragment and Telegram. Your phone number remains private. Connect Tonkeeper to Fragment using the QR code or direct button.
  4. Bidding TON: Start bidding on collectibles in Fragment. If your bid is first or highest, you'll win the auction. Outbid amounts or unregistered bids are refunded.
  5. Auction Outcome: If you win, you'll receive the collectible minus applicable fees. If someone else wins using your listed username, you'll receive the proceeds minus platform and conversion fees.

For more detailed steps and information, please refer to the respective websites: Tonkeeper App, Buying TON, and Fragment.

Management of Your Collectible Username

On Telegram, you have plenty of choices for using special collectible usernames. You can add them to your own profile, any public groups, channels, or bots you use, like the ones for membership services from InviteMember. You can have one regular username and many collectible ones. Furthermore, you can choose to show these usernames or keep them hidden on your chat's info page, and even arrange them in the order you like.

To use a collectible username for your Telegram bot, you need to do a bit more. First, you win the username on Fragment for normal use. Then, if you want to use it for a bot, you have to pay more to upgrade it. This upgrade can be quite expensive, about 5,000 TON. It's a big investment and really only for those very focused on this area.

To assign a collectible username to your bot or chat, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to 'My Assets' on Fragment.
  2. Select 'Assign to Telegram'.
  3. Choose the chat or bot you wish to assign the username to.
  4. Confirm your choice. Remember, you can change the assigned chat or bot for the username at any time.

To make the collectible username show up on your chat’s public info, turn it on in the settings of your profile, group, or channel. Don't forget to connect your Telegram account and TON wallet to Fragment to use these usernames.

Embracing Telegram's Username Options

Embrace the diversity of Telegram's username options to enhance your digital presence. Whether it's a basic username for everyday use or a unique collectible username to stand out, each offers a way to reflect your style and identity on Telegram. Real-world examples like @money, the first financial channel with over 12,000 subscribers, and @crypto, a community of over 27,000 members discussing crypto and stocks, illustrate the immense potential of well-chosen usernames.

Remember, with great usernames come great possibilities – so explore, choose, and personalize your Telegram journey!