Telegram, like most social media and messaging apps, verifies public figures and organizations to confirm their official status.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll learn how Telegram verification works.

Earning Trust and Credibility

The Telegram verification process is for active, influential, and important channels, groups, or bots only.

Being verified means people see you as an official source. But, you need to be really active online and meet Telegram's strict rules to get verified in the app.

The Verification Process: Step-by-Step

To verify your channels, groups, or bots, you have to follow Telegram’s guidelines.

Here's a breakdown to guide you.

Basic Requirements:

  • Be Active on Telegram: Channels, groups, or bots must be active on Telegram.
  • Social Media Links: At least two officially verified social media accounts. Telegram accepts TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, VK, and Snapchat accounts.
  • Notability Check: Have at least two news articles talking about you or your organization. Better if these are from famous publishers and in English. These articles should mention you, but don't need to link to your Telegram.

What you need to do:

  • Verification Request: Submit your verification request through @VerifyBot and follow the process.

If you need to change your group’s, channel's or bot's name, first remove your verification by messaging @VerifyBot and typing /unverify. Then, make your changes and ask for verification again.

Other Routes to Verification

Not having a strong social media presence doesn't close the doors to Telegram verification. Let's explore the alternative routes:

Wikipedia Exception

If your Telegram channel, group, or bot has a Wikipedia page, make sure the page is undisputed and meets Wikipedia's Notability Guidelines. The page needs to explain why your Telegram is important and have a link to it. This shows that your Telegram is well-known and has an impact.

Criteria for Organization Websites

For organizations, your website is important for verification. Make sure there's a clear and easy-to-find link on your website to your Telegram channel or bot. This link shows that your website and your Telegram are connected and that both are genuine.

Understanding Notability Guidelines

In these alternative verification routes, being notable is important. This means your Telegram channel or bot should be important in its area. For a Wikipedia page, your channel or bot needs to be talked about a lot in trusted sources outside of Telegram. For an organization's website, being notable means the organization is well-known or has a good reputation.

These other ways to get verified on Telegram are good for different kinds of channels, groups, and bots. They give you more options to get the special verified status, even if your channel or bot is unique or works in a special way.

Unique Badges and User Account Verification

While Telegram typically does not verify individual user accounts, exceptions exist for public figures or entities with unique badges. These are rare and reserved for highly notable personalities or entities.

Adding a Verified-Like Blue Tick to Your Username

Even if you're not officially verified on Telegram, there's a creative way to add a semblance of verification to your username. This method involves using custom emojis to simulate a verified-like blue tick. It's a clever workaround, especially useful for channels or bots that are still in the process of getting verified or do not meet all the stringent criteria for official verification.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Perception: While this method won't give you the benefits of official verification, it can enhance the perceived credibility of your channel or bot to new subscribers.
  • Transparency: It's crucial to be transparent with your audience. Make sure they understand that this is a visual addition and not an official Telegram verification.
  • Use Sparingly: Overuse of this tactic might lead to confusion or diminish its effectiveness. Use it judiciously to maintain its impact.

For a more detailed step-by-step guide and additional insights on this tactic, check out our detailed blog post on How to Add a Blue Tick Mark on Telegram with Custom Emojis.


Getting verified on Telegram is a special chance for the most important channels, groups, and bots. It's about showing you're important and trustworthy, not just about getting a badge. Using InviteMember with this can help your Telegram grow. With verification, you get more trust, better management, and a better experience for subscribers. For tips on making money with your channel, see our guide on Accepting Telegram Payments in 2024. Start working on getting verified today and see your channel or bot become more successful!