Tech brands, gadgets, and even tech-CEOs can all influence style trends, but, what about the relationship between digital tools and fashion? Although they seem to be completely different things, creative minds, like Viola Push, show how talent can always use technology to succeed.

This is another success story about how achieving financial independence is possible by living from your passion. As Viola Push guides people around the world on how to become a model or influencer, her Push Academy showcases an excellent Telegram subscription business model example.

From the Dance Floor to the Runway

From a very young age, Viola was deeply interested in art and beauty. When she was 9, she started training to become a professional dancer. She then spent 5 years focused on dancing, a passion she has kept for the rest of her life. “My dream at the time was to become a choreographer, a passion that still lives on as I continue dancing in my free time,” she comments.

Viola Push on how to become a model
Viola Push

Dance taught her a lot about how to be confident and express herself, which helped her in modeling too. By the time she was 14, the Ford Models competition was organized in her hometown, Riga, Latvia, and she submitted her application, eventually becoming the youngest contestant to secure a spot in the top 15.

"Dance taught me the importance of discipline, expression, and the courage to stand out. These lessons became the cornerstone of my modeling career"

Her dance background not only boosted her confidence during photoshoots, but also enriched her understanding of body movement. Viola sees a clear link between the two forms of expression, “posing in modeling is, in essence, a beautiful expression of the body", just like dance, something she teaches to her posing mentees.

After becoming an experienced model and collaborating with renowned brands and magazines, she evolved into a prominent influencer. Her followers soon began reaching out, eager for 1:1 sessions or masterclasses to either kickstart or enhance their careers as models or influencers. It was this demand that led to the birth of a perfect Telegram-based subscription business model example: the Push Academy.

The Beginning of a Live-Coaching Revolution

When Viola Push started sharing her modeling insights on social media, the positive feedback was overwhelming. Her snippets on “how to pose and how to catwalk" quickly went viral. The overwhelming interest in Viola’s modeling insights, with individuals eager for one-on-one sessions and masterclasses, inspired her to take her passion to a new level.

“This enthusiastic response became a catalyst for me to embrace a new role as a mentor.”
Push Academy to become a model or influencer
Push Academy

Initially, Viola shared her expertise for free via a Telegram public channel. However, the presence of scammers and lack of audience commitment led her to adopt a subscription model through InviteMember. This change significantly enhanced her community’s quality and level of commitment, while minimizing scams and automating her business management.

Her lessons are grounded on her rich modeling background with brands like Calvin Klein and Miss Sixty, and cover shoots in magazines like Elle and IN. She focuses on teaching physical expression, building a professional network, and emphasizing practical skills. Helping her mentees understand the industry from the perspectives of photographers and casting directors is her key focus.

“From finding your best angles to using lighting effectively, my aim is to demystify these aspects for those new to the industry, offering practical knowledge for success”, she states.

Managing a modeling and influencer academy while being a model and influencer at the same time is not easy. But, thanks to InviteMember, a Telegram Subscription-based business can be set up in minutes. These innovative tools have helped Viola expand her global reach, and have proven to be the perfect platform for sharing content, coaching her mentees, and building a solid community.

Push Academy’s Game Changing Approach

Besides providing 1 on 1 coaching, Viola mentors anyone willing to become a model or influencer through Push Academy on Telegram. Every month, she sets challenges for both modeling and influencing. These challenges help people practice and get better. They're like real-life tests. Winners even get real prizes, which makes everyone try harder and learn more.

"By building this community, I aim to empower aspiring models and provide them with a network of support to navigate the challenges and celebrate the successes" Viola explains.
Push Academy Telegram Channel
Push Academy Telegram Channel

Through Push Academy, she bridges the gap between aspiring models and the professional world, ensuring her students are not just prepared but already ahead of the curve. Viola's choice to use Telegram was smart. It helped her make a safe place where serious learners can grow.

In just a few years, the academy has seen many success stories. Viola shares, “Just half a year ago, a talented curvy aspiring model embarked on a journey with me through 1:1 model coaching sessions. Her ambitious goal was to catch the attention of major brands in Germany and get booked for a big photoshoot campaign." After a few lessons, she did even better than she hoped.

Many people with office jobs thought they couldn't model full time. But with the academy's help, they have. Viola says these success stories happen because of "focused learning, support from our community, and our helpful resources”, including both public and paid resources that are available worldwide thanks to Telegram and InviteMember.

Modeling the Future

Viola has big plans moving forward. She wants to keep using technology to help more people learn modeling and influencing. Using Telegram has made it easy for students to communicate and learn together. In this regard, InviteMember has helped her keep her academy safe, focused and sustainable. These tools have made the academy a special place for learning and growing, yet there's still potential for further expansion.

How to become a model
Viola Push

Although online learning allows individuals from any location to participate, Viola believes in the value of physical interactions too. "Expanding Push Academy's community and establishing a physical model academy is an exciting venture," she says about her future goals. Goals like these, which may have seemed difficult in the past, now seem more possible, thanks to Viola’s visionary approach to technology.

Looking ahead, InviteMember will play a crucial role in Push Academy's growth. Viola emphasizes its importance, saying, "InviteMember provides me with a unique opportunity to connect and share knowledge with aspiring models globally, regardless of where they are."

Through Telegram, Push Academy continues to help people worldwide pursue their dreams of becoming a model or influencer. In these contexts, InviteMember is more than just a tool; it's an essential platform for those striving for financial independence through their skills and passions.