Whether you're an experienced developer or a tech enthusiast looking to explore new territories, creating a Telegram bot is a great way to leverage the power of this popular messaging platform. To learn more about Telegram bots, check out Telegram's official Bot introduction page.

In this post, we'll guide you through the process of creating a Telegram subscription bot, using the powerful @BotFather tool provided by Telegram itself and practices of 2023.

What is @BotFather?

Before diving into how to create a bot in Telegram, let's introduce the tool that makes it all possible: @BotFather.

@BotFather is a bot provided by Telegram that you can interact with just like any other user on the platform. The main distinction is that @BotFather has some exceptional capabilities. This tool allows you to create new bots, manage and delete your existing bots, and customize your bots with a variety of options, such as new commands, descriptions, and profile pictures.

With @BotFather, you're not just sending and receiving messages — you're building bots that can engage with users, provide services, and even build communities.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Create a Telegram Bot

Step 1: Start a Chat with @BotFather

Firstly, open your Telegram application and search for "@BotFather" in the search bar at the top. Once found, start a new chat with it.

How to create Telegram bot
Looking for @BotFather in Telegram.

Step 2: Creating a New Bot

To create a new bot, type "/newbot" and send the message. @BotFather will then prompt you to choose a name for your bot. This name can be anything you want and will be what users see when they interact with your bot.

Next, you'll need to select a username for your bot. This username must end in "bot" (e.g., Blogtelegramtestr_bot) and must be unique across the platform.

Upon completing these steps, @BotFather will create your bot and provide you with a token. This token is crucial as it will be used to access the HTTP API. For a technical understanding of the Telegram Bot API, you can refer to the Telegram's Bot API documentation, but there's no practical need to do it.

How to create Telegram bot

Step 3: Customizing Your Bot

After creating your bot, it's time to give it a unique identity. @BotFather allows you to set several elements to make your bot more engaging, including the 'About' descriptor, 'Description' text, 'Description Picture', and a 'Botpic'. Here's how you can customize these:

1. Editing the 'About' section: The 'About' section gives users a brief overview of your bot's functionality. To edit this, send '/setabouttext' in your chat with @BotFather, select your bot, and then enter the text you'd like to set.

2. Updating the 'Description': The 'Description' provides more detailed information about your bot's functions and how to use it. To set this, send '/setdescription' to @BotFather, choose your bot, and enter the desired description.

3. Changing the 'Description Picture': A picture can make your bot more attractive and memorable.

4. Setting the 'Botpic': This is the profile picture of your bot. To set this, send '/setuserpic' to @BotFather, select your bot, and then upload the image you'd like to use.

Remember to keep your 'About' and 'Description' informative and engaging, and choose an image that represents your bot well for the 'Botpic'. These elements combined will create a strong first impression of your bot for new users.

How to create Telegram bot
Remember to fix your image size ratio to avoid weird stretches like this one!

Step 4: Deploying and Testing Your Bot

With your bot created and customized, you can now use the token provided by @BotFather to integrate your bot with your server application. This process will vary depending on the language and framework you're using. Here’s an example using the token in InviteMember.

Once deployed, you can find your bot on Telegram by searching for its username.

Step 5: Building a Subscription Feature

Creating a subscription feature for your bot might seem like a daunting task, but with the help of InviteMember, it becomes a much more manageable and easy task. InviteMember is a subscription platform for paid Telegram channels and groups. It allows you to automate the process of managing and growing your community.

Once you've created your bot using @BotFather, head on to this ‘InviteMember Getting Started guide’.

For a deeper understanding of how to fully leverage Telegram for your business, you can visit our detailed guide on 'How to Use Telegram for Business'.

Maximizing Your Bot's Potential: Advanced Customization with InviteMember

InviteMember is packed with features to empower you to make the most of your subscription bot:

  1. Edit Name and Description: Reflect the evolving nature of your services by easily modifying your bot's name and description.
  2. Manage Team: Invite and assign roles to team members, controlling their permissions for effective project management.
  3. Update Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: Stay transparent with your subscribers by updating your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy directly via InviteMember.
  4. Transfer or Delete Project: Securely pass your project to another user or discontinue your bot entirely with ease.
  5. Broadcast Messages: Share news, updates, or promotions with all your subscribers at once using the Broadcast feature. This tool can boost engagement and maintain active communication with your audience.
  6. Web Dashboard: InviteMember's comprehensive web dashboard lets you oversee all project details, including subscription metrics, revenue tracking, and user activity, from a single, user-friendly interface.
  7. Affiliate Program: Encourage users to promote your bot with InviteMember's Affiliate Program. Reward users for bringing in new subscribers, creating a win-win scenario for user growth.
  8. Custom Commands: Customize your bot’s commands to enhance user interaction and provide better navigation. With InviteMember, you can add new commands, further improving your bot's usability.

Properly utilizing these advanced features can turn your Telegram bot into a thriving, interactive membership bot and a robust revenue source.


Creating a Telegram bot allows you to revolutionize the way you engage with your audience. With the use of bots, you can create personalized, real-time communication, strengthening your relationship with your audience. To get a sense of what's currently possible with Telegram bots, check out our post on the 'Top 10 Telegram Bots for Groups in 2024'.

Further, bots provide a unique platform for you to offer services that are more interactive and responsive. They can help manage customer support, facilitate purchases, or even deliver tailored content, creating an improved user experience. To understand how a bot can deliver such services, you might find our blog post 'SUCH: The Future of Customer Feedback & Support in 2023' insightful.

Moreover, building a sense of community among your users becomes much more attainable with bots. They can manage group chats, distribute updates, or even organize events, fostering a sense of belonging among users.

Harnessing the power of bots not only enhances your user engagement, but also paves the way for innovative services and community building. With these steps, you now have a comprehensive guide to create your own Telegram bot in 2023.