Telegram, known for its dynamic messaging capabilities, offers more than just conversations; it provides empowerment through automation as well. A unique feature of Telegram is its bots, which significantly enhance the experience of both group owners and their members.

Choosing the right Telegram group bot can make managing, engaging, and improving your community much more straightforward and effective. In this guide, we introduce the best Telegram bots specifically designed for group owners.

These bots can perform a range of tasks, from moderating discussions and analyzing group activity to preventing spam and facilitating group decisions. They even have the capability to help you monetize your Telegram groups!

Here’s a curated list of the top Telegram bots for group owners in 2024, each chosen for its unique features and ability to transform your group management experience:

Ultimate Poll Bot (@Ultimate_PollBot)

This bot enables the creation of various types of polls in Telegram groups. It supports multiple voting modes, anonymity settings, and real-time poll syncing between groups. The bot's features include adding/removing options, cloning polls, and customizable result displays.

Ultimate Poll
Ultimate Poll

Anti Deleted Accounts (@AntiDA2bot)

Anti Deleted Accounts Bot is an excellent tool for group administrators focused on maintaining an active and genuine membership. This bot automatically identifies and removes members who have deleted their accounts, ensuring that the group remains active with real users. It's user-friendly and contributes to keeping the group secure and focused on genuine engagement.

Anti Deleted Accounts
Anti Deleted Accounts


SUCH is a support bot platform for Telegram, designed for channel and group admins, business owners, and customer support teams. It's a free tool that allows for the easy creation of a Telegram support bot without any coding. Users can share their bot link on their Telegram group, as a pinned message for example, using the bot as a contact point. Features include quick replies, chat management, teamwork functionalities, complete chat history, snooze and close chat options, and quick replies.

Streamline your customer service interactions with SUCH

Remind Mega Bot (@RemindMegaBot)

This Telegram bot simplifies setting reminders using straightforward language commands. Users can input reminders in their own words, such as “call the boss in 20 minutes” or “dentist on Monday at 18”. The bot supports different time zones and understands requests in simple terms. It's beneficial for organizing schedules and ensuring timely reminders within the group.

Remind Mega

InviteMember Bot (@InviteMemberBot)

This bot is a membership platform for managing paid Telegram channels and groups. It enables users to create projects, manage subscriptions, and monitor their project status. The bot facilitates the organization of subscription-based channels and groups, offering a streamlined way to manage memberships and worldwide payments in Telegram.


ChatKeeper Bot (@chatkeeperbot)

This Telegram group bot focuses on moderation and group management. Its features include automated task execution, spam filtering, and chat activity analysis. ChatKeeperBot offers a variety of triggers for automated responses, a reputation system to engage users, and tools for creating surveys.

Chat Keeper
Chat Keeper

Babelgram Bot (@BabelgramBot)

Language translation is not only for Premium users. Babelgram steps in as a simultaneous translator. By adding this bot to your group and activating the desired translation, you enable real-time language translation. Babelgram is ideal for international groups, bridging language barriers and facilitating seamless conversations.


Combot Bot (@combot)

Combot promises to turn your Telegram group into a community hub. This bot equips administrators with a comprehensive toolkit that includes moderation, analytics, anti-spam measures, and more. This bot is particularly useful for growing communities, providing essential tools to manage group dynamics effectively.


@VOTE Bot (@vote)

This bot assists in creating and sharing polls with friends on Telegram. It's designed for ease of use, allowing users to quickly set up polls and share them using inline mode. The bot can be called in any chat by typing its @username, making it convenient to search and share polls. This bot is great for group decision-making, engaging members in voting on various topics and choices.

Vote Bot
Vote Bot

Miss Rose Bot (@MissRose_Bot)

MissRose is a Telegram group management bot designed to help admins maintain and protect their chats. Key features include locks, blocklists, welcome messages, CAPTCHA, notes, and filters. The bot is easy to add to a group by searching for @MissRose_bot on Telegram or using a direct link. Rose is particularly beneficial for admins seeking robust tools to maintain order and enhance the functionality of their Telegram groups.

Miss Rose
Miss Rose

Each bot in this list offers unique functionalities for managing Telegram groups. However, it's crucial to understand that bots requiring admin permissions might not function smoothly together.

When choosing bots, consider their compatibility and your group's specific needs to ensure effective operation without conflicts.

For instance, SUCH bots, which don't require special permissions, are versatile for any scenario. Also, bots like InviteMemberBot provide comprehensive features like membership management and analytics, potentially reducing the need for other admin bots.

Selecting the Right Telegram Bot for Your Group

Making an informed decision when selecting a bot ensures that the bot seamlessly integrates into your group management and enhances the experience for both you and your members.

Define Your Group's Requirements

Begin by defining the key requirements of your Telegram group. Consider factors such as group size, purpose, and the specific tasks you'd like the bot to handle. Understanding these needs will guide your bot selection process.

Budget Considerations

While some bots are free, others may require a subscription or payment for premium features. Evaluate your budget and choose a bot that offers the functionalities you need within your financial constraints. Others, like the InviteMemberBot, allow you to start for free and upgrade as you grow.

Community Feedback

Leverage the power of community feedback. Seek insights from other group owners or administrators who have experience with the bot you're considering. Real-world experiences and reviews can provide valuable insights.

Functionality Matters

Different bots offer various functionalities. Some excel in automation, while others focus on moderation, analytics, or engagement. Evaluate which functions are essential for your group's success and choose a bot that aligns with those requirements.

Remember, having more than one admin bot in the same group can cause them to malfunction, especially if sharing permissions.


This guide on Telegram bots for group owners shows how these tools can really change how you manage your group. They can do a lot of tasks, from making things work smoother and helping everyone get along better, to letting you build a business around your passion.

Choosing the right bot depends on what your group needs. These bots aren't just helpers; they're key to making your group better!