Telegram’s folders feature allows users to neatly categorize their chats into easily manageable folders, transforming how individuals and groups interact with the app.

These shareable folders let users easily share groups of chats, channels, or groups with a link. This makes working together and adding new team members or followers even smoother.

From businesses aiming to enhance discussions to educators sharing resources with students, the potential uses are large and diverse. We’ll walk you through the impact of Telegram's folder features on your digital communication across a variety of uses.

How to Create Telegram Folders: A Step-By-Step Guide

Creating Telegram folders is a straightforward process designed to enhance your messaging experience by bringing order and accessibility to your chats. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Open Telegram & Access Settings: Launch the Telegram app. Tap on the three lines or your profile picture to open the main menu, then select “Settings.” Alternately, you can long press or right-click your Chats button in the Telegram App main screen (see video below).
  2. Find Chat Folders: In Settings, look for “Chat Folders,” “Folders,” or a similarly named option.
  3. Create New Folder: Click on “Create a Folder” or the plus sign (+) to start crafting your new folder.
  4. Name Your Folder: Give your folder a descriptive name that reflects its content or purpose.
  5. Select Chats to Include: Choose up to 200 chats, groups, channels, or bots to add to your folder. You can add any chat to multiple folders for customized organization.
/0:23 Telegram Folders

Sharing Telegram Folders

Before sharing your Telegram folder, carefully select which chats, groups, channels, or bots you want to include. This step ensures that only relevant and appropriate content is shared, maintaining privacy and order. Remember, if you plan to share the folder, avoid using 'Chat Types' filters like 'Groups' or 'Channels' to keep the folder shareable​​.

/0:21 Shareable Telegram Folders

  1. Long Press for Sharing Options: In your chat list, find the folder you wish to share. Long press on the folder name, then select the 'Share' option. This action initiates the process of creating a shareable link for your folder​​.
  2. Invite Link Creation: Upon selecting 'Share', you'll have the opportunity to choose which chats from the folder are included in the shareable link. This step is crucial for controlling the access level of the folder's contents​​.
  3. Customize and Distribute the Link: After finalizing which chats to include, you can further customize the sharing process. Options include naming the invite link for easy identification and generating a QR code for quick scanning. Once your link is ready, you can distribute it directly through Telegram or other mediums, allowing recipients to join all included chats with a single tap​​.

By following these steps, you can efficiently share a collection of Telegram chats, groups, or channels, facilitating streamlined communication and collaboration. Whether for work, community building, or personal interest groups, sharing Telegram folders simplifies the process of bringing people together around shared topics or purposes.

Managing Access and Customizing Telegram Folders

Telegram's folder feature enhances how you organize and share chats, offering the flexibility to manage access levels and personalize your messaging environment to fit your unique needs. Here are some additional options and features for advanced users:

Telegram folders enhance collaboration flexibility by allowing up to 100 unique invite links for a single folder. Each link can provide access to a different set of chats within the folder. This feature is particularly useful for managing access levels among different user groups. For example, a project manager can create specific links for team members, stakeholders, and external partners, each offering access to a tailored selection of chats relevant to the individual.

Customization by Recipients

Recipients of a shared Telegram folder aren't just passive participants; they're granted a level of autonomy over their experience. Once a folder is added to their Telegram, they have the freedom to personalize it—this includes adding chats or changing the folder's name. Such customization ensures that each user can adapt shared resources to better fit their individual needs, further enhancing the utility of Telegram folders​​.

Telegram Premium: Enhanced Folder Capabilities

For users who seek even more from their Telegram experience, Telegram Premium offers significant enhancements to the folder feature. Premium subscribers enjoy the ability to create more folders and generate a higher number of unique invite links, extending the capability to organize and share content. 

Specifically, Premium users can create up to 20 shareable folders, each capable of containing up to 200 chats, and generate up to 100 different invite links per folder. This expanded functionality is ideal for users who manage large teams, run communities, or simply wish for more flexibility in their Telegram use​​.

Telegram has also recently introduced a Tags feature that allows premium users to add colored labels to their folders to further enhance collaboration and organization when using and sharing their folders.


Telegram folders simplify chat organization and sharing, enhancing both personal and professional communication. Through a few easy steps, users can create, share, and manage folders, ensuring information is neatly organized and accessible. Telegram Premium further boosts this functionality, allowing for more folders and customizations. 

Ultimately, Telegram's folder feature streamlines communication, making it more efficient and tailored to users' needs, underscoring its value in communication and online business.