Ready to turn your Telegram channel into a buzzing hub of activity? Telegram's Giveaway feature is one powerful way to make it happen! You can give out Telegram Premium subscriptions as prizes, and get boosts for your channel. All designed to increase your channel’s engagement and attract new followers. Keep reading to learn all about Telegram giveaways.

Who Can Run Telegram Giveaways?

  • Channels of any size can host giveaways.
  • You must be willing to purchase the Telegram Premium subscriptions you'll be giving away.

Not ready for that commitment level? Don't worry! You can still run fun giveaways on your own, or try some open-source giveaway tools that work a little differently. We'll touch on those options at the end.

Telegram giveaways
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Understanding Telegram Giveaways: Premium, Boosts, and More

Ready to dive into the mechanics of Telegram Giveaways? Let's explore everything from the prize system and the exciting Boost feature to the simple steps for creating and funding your own giveaway.

How Telegram Giveaways Work

Telegram Giveaways are a streamlined way for rewarding your audience and get Telegram boosts to level up your channel. You set up rules (like joining certain groups or channels), and Telegram's system randomly picks winners.


Everyone who wins gets a link with a Telegram Premium gift code, so there's no question if the giveaway was real! Want to reward specific, active users? You can also choose winners manually alongside Telegram's random system.

Premium Prize

Telegram Premium isn't just a shiny badge. It unlocks awesome perks for your winners like bigger uploads, faster downloads, exclusive stickers, and a whole lot more. Even better, Premium users receive boosts, which they can use to help channels raise their level and post more stories!

Telegram Premium Giveaways
Telegram Premium Giveaways

When setting up your Telegram Giveaway, you can select how many Telegram Premium subscriptions you will be gifting, for how long those subscriptions will last, and even set other prizes manually.

Boosts and Stories

When you host a giveaway and gift Telegram Premium subscriptions, your channel directly receives 4 boosts for each Telegram Premium prize you include in your giveaway. You can gift from 1 to 200 Premium accounts per giveaway. Even channels without any level can initiate giveaways, so if you need boosts, doing giveaways is a great way to get them.

These boosts are crucial for leveling up your channel, which determines how many stories you can share per day. The more boosts your channel accumulates, the more stories you can post. Telegram stories allow channel owners to share engaging content, keeping the audience engaged and connected. For detailed info, check this Telegram's guide on channel stories and boosts.

How to Create a Telegram Giveaway

Follow these steps to set up your Telegram giveaway:

1. Access your channel settings menu.

2. Press the “Statistics and Boosts” button.

3. Select the “Boosts” tab at the top, and press “Get Boosts via Gifts” at the bottom.


Telegram Giveaway Settings

4. Select “Create Giveaway” for Telegram to choose the winners randomly, or “Award Specific Users” if you want to reward known users. If you select the last option, you’ll pick the users that will get the prize, the duration of the Premium subscription, and pay for their gift.

5. Slide the counter to select the quantity of prizes. Remember, each prize gives you 4 boosts.

6. Select the Channels and Groups users need to join to participate in the giveaway.

7. Select if “All subscribers”, or “Only new subscribers” will be eligible for the plan. You can also select if the winners must be from particular countries.

8. Define the duration of the Premium subscriptions. It can be 1 Year, 6 Months or 9. Months. The longer the period, you’ll get a bigger discount.

10. Enable “Additional Prizes” to manually set another prize to be mentioned as part of the giveaway.

11. Choose if you want to show the winners in your channel.

12. Determine the ending date for the winners to receive their prize.

Finally, Press the “Start Giveaway” button and pay for the Premium subscriptions you’ll be gifting.

After paying, the Giveaway information will be displayed in your channel, with the buttons to join the groups or channels required to win.

Telegram Giveaway Alternatives: Other Ways to Engage Your Audience

Telegram Giveaways aren't a one-size-fits-all solution. If you have a smaller channel, want to use non-Premium prizes, or need more control over the process, let's explore these alternatives:

  • Open-Source Tools: If you want more control over your giveaway (or different kinds of prizes), check out tools like Telegram RaF. Open-source means the code is available, so they're often customizable.
  • Other Services: There are plenty of fancy giveaway services out there. These might make sense if you need tons of bells and whistles. For even more customization, services like InviteMember offer specialized features like their Access Codes, giving you complete control over rewards and access.
  • Manual Giveaways: Going old-school is always an option! You could have people comment and pick a winner yourself. Gets a bit tricky with larger channels, though.

Ready to supercharge your channel? Hosting Telegram giveaways is a fantastic investment if you want to grow your following, reward your community, and make your channel a place everyone talks about. For even more community-building strategies, see our guide on creating a thriving Telegram community.