Telegram recently introduced a new feature called Stories that lets you share short videos or photos that only stay up for a little while. It's like showing a quick glimpse of what's happening in your day or sharing a fun moment with all your followers. 

What makes this special for Telegram channel owners is how it can make your channel more lively and engaging. Instead of just regular posts, now you can mix things up with these temporary stories to keep your audience interested.

Stories add a new dimension to Telegram channels to allow for real-time interaction with followers and enable owners to share updates, insights, or behind-the-scenes content that fosters a stronger sense of community.

Using stories is a way to show more personality and make your channel stand out. Plus, it's pretty simple to use. Whether you're sharing a behind-the-scenes look at your day, a quick announcement, or just something funny, stories can make your Telegram channel feel more personal and fun.

Enabling Stories in Your Telegram Channel through Boosts

Recognizing the potential for even greater interaction and community building, Telegram has introduced an innovative way for channel owners to connect with their audience: Channel Stories. This feature, however, is not immediately available to all channels but can be unlocked through a process known as "boosting."

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How Telegram Boosts Work

Channel boosts are akin to a voting system that allows Telegram Premium users to support their favorite channels by granting them the capability to unlock new features, including the ability to post stories. Each boost elevates the channel's level, and with each new level, an additional story per day can be posted.

Telegram users with a Premium subscription receive boosts that they can allocate to channels of their choice. A boost is essentially a vote of support that can elevate a channel's capabilities and access to premium features.

Channel owners can request boosts from their subscribers. This can be done by sharing a special boost link, like this one for InviteMember News Chat: Additionally, users can be directed to access the channel, tap the 3 dots, and select “Boost Group.”

As a channel accumulates boosts from its subscribers, it can level up. Each new level gained allows the channel to post an additional story per day. This means that the more boosts a channel receives, the more stories it can share with its audience, enhancing engagement and providing a dynamic way to interact with subscribers

Telegram Boosts

How to Create and Post Stories on Telegram

Creating and sharing stories on your Telegram channel is a straightforward process that lets you connect with your audience through engaging content. Here's how you can start sharing your moments.

Step-by-Step Guide to Telegram Stories

  1. Access the Story Feature: To create a story, tap on the camera icon or swipe right on the main screen of your Telegram app. This action opens the camera, ready for you to capture a moment.
  2. Capture or Upload Content: You can either take a new photo or video directly through the app or choose an existing one from your gallery. For videos, simply hold down the capture button longer.
  3. Edit Your Story: After capturing or selecting your media, you can add text, stickers, drawings, or even music to make your story more engaging. Telegram's editor is quite powerful, allowing for great creativity.
  4. Set Privacy: Before posting, you can decide who gets to see your story. Options range from everyone to just your contacts, or even a custom list of viewers. This flexibility ensures you have control over your privacy.
  5. Post Your Story: Once you're happy with your creation and have set the appropriate privacy settings, hit the send button. Your story will then appear at the top of your followers' chat lists and remain visible for 24 hours before disappearing.

Editing Telegram Stories

  • Change Visibility or Add Elements: If you want to edit your story after posting, you can easily do so. Telegram allows you to adjust its visibility settings or add and remove elements like stickers or text. Simply go to your story, tap on it, and select the edit option to make changes.
  • Use Media Editor for Enhancements: Leverage Telegram's media editor to fine-tune your story's appearance. You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. This ensures your story looks just the way you want.

By following these steps, you can effectively use Telegram Stories to keep your channel engaging and fresh. Remember, the key to a great story is content that resonates with your audience, whether it's informative, entertaining, or just plain fun.

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Advanced Features of Telegram Stories

Telegram Stories not only lets you share moments with your audience but also comes packed with advanced features to make your stories stand out and captivate your viewers.

Dual Camera Mode in Telegram Stories

  • What It Is: The dual camera mode is a unique feature that allows you to use both the front and rear cameras of your device simultaneously while recording a story. This means you can capture your reaction and the scene in front of you at the same time.
  • How to Use It: When creating a story, look for the dual camera icon and tap it. You'll see a small circle on your screen, showing what the other camera is capturing. You can tap the circle to switch which camera's feed is larger and which is smaller. This feature is perfect for reactions, tutorials, or simply showing off your environment while including yourself in the frame.

Media Editor and Captions in Telegram Stories

  • Enhancing Your Stories: Telegram's media editor is a powerful tool that lets you edit your stories with precision. Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation to make your photos and videos pop. Add stickers, GIFs, text, and location tags to provide context or add humor.
  • Making the Most of Captions: Captions are a great way to add commentary or context to your stories. With support for up to 200 characters, you can get creative with your messaging. Premium users enjoy even longer captions, allowing for more detailed storytelling. Remember, captions support @mentions and links, making them a useful tool for driving engagement or directing viewers to other content.

These advanced features are designed to enhance the storytelling experience on Telegram, giving you the tools to create engaging, dynamic, and interactive content.

How to Disable Telegram Stories

While Telegram Stories are a great way to engage with your audience, there may be times when you prefer not to see them from certain contacts or wish to disable the feature altogether. Here's how you can manage and disable Telegram Stories:

Privacy Settings for Viewing Stories

  • Customize Who Can See Your Stories: In your Telegram settings, you can adjust who is allowed to see your stories. You have options like "Everyone," "My Contacts," and "Nobody," giving you control over your privacy.
  • Hide Stories from Specific Contacts: If there are specific people from whom you'd rather not see stories, you can hide their stories without blocking them. To do this, long-press on their story in the story feed and select "Hide Stories." Their stories will no longer appear in your main feed but will be accessible in an archive if you choose to view them later.

Disabling Telegram Stories You See

  • Disabling Story Notifications: If you're not interested in viewing stories but don't want to completely hide them, you can disable notifications for stories. Go to your Telegram settings, find the Notifications section, and adjust the settings for stories to prevent alerts about new stories from popping up.
  • Completely Disabling Stories: Currently, Telegram does not offer a direct option to completely disable the stories feature for all contacts in a one-step process. However, managing your privacy settings and notification preferences can significantly reduce the visibility and interruption caused by stories.

Controlling Your Telegram Stories

  • Control Who Sees Your Stories: When posting a story, you can select its visibility settings to control who sees it. This doesn't disable stories but ensures that only chosen individuals or groups can view your content.
  • Removing Posted Stories: If you have posted a story and decide you no longer want it to be visible, you can delete it. Simply go to your story, tap on the three dots for options, and select "Delete Story."

While Telegram Stories adds a dynamic layer of interaction between users, understanding how to manage your visibility and notifications ensures that you have a tailored experience that suits your preferences. Whether it's adjusting privacy settings, hiding specific stories, or controlling notifications, Telegram provides several options to customize how you interact with or view stories.

Best Practices for Telegram Stories

Utilizing Telegram Stories effectively can significantly boost engagement and interaction on your channel. Here are some best practices to consider:

Consistency Is Key

  • Consistent posting keeps your audience engaged and looking forward to your updates. Aim for a balance that keeps followers interested without overwhelming them.

Authenticity Matters

  • Authenticity creates a deeper connection with your audience. Share real, behind-the-scenes moments, personal insights, or spontaneous thoughts to make your content relatable.

Engage Your Audience

  • Use interactive elements like polls, questions, or quizzes to engage your audience. These features can increase participation and provide insights into your followers' preferences.

Highlight Offers and Announcements

  • Stories are perfect for sharing time-sensitive information such as promotions, announcements, or event reminders. Their temporary nature helps create a sense of urgency.

Educate and Inform

  • Share tips, tutorials, or interesting facts related to your channel's theme. Valuable content keeps your audience informed and engaged.

Foster Connections

  • When followers react or reply to your stories, respond to them. This interaction builds a stronger community and encourages more engagement.

Analyze Performance

  • Keep an eye on story views and interactions to understand what resonates with your audience. Use these insights to refine your content strategy.

Implementing these strategies can enhance the effectiveness of your Telegram Stories, making your channel more dynamic and engaging for your audience.


Telegram Stories offer a dynamic and engaging way to connect with your audience. From sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses to highlighting special offers and announcements, stories provide a unique platform for real-time interaction and creative storytelling.

By maintaining a consistent posting schedule, embracing authenticity, engaging with your audience through interactive elements, and utilizing Telegram's advanced features, you can significantly enhance your channel's engagement. Remember, the key to success with Telegram Stories lies in understanding your audience's preferences, delivering valuable content, and fostering a community through interactive communication.

We encourage you to experiment with these best practices, find what works best for your channel, and keep exploring the potential of Telegram Stories. Whether you're a seasoned content creator or new to the platform, there's always room to grow and connect in more meaningful ways. Let your stories reflect your brand's personality and values, making your Telegram channel not just a source of information but a vibrant community.