Crypto enthusiasts and traders love Telegram. As interest in crypto grew, Telegram became the top app for the crypto community. This feature-rich, mobile-first, cloud-based, and open-source platform is perfect for crypto groups and channels. It shares all kinds of crypto news and content and offers trading and scanning bots for many blockchains.

One of the best uses of Telegram is monetizing your knowledge and services. Thousands of users today use InviteMember to easily monetize their skills through Telegram. Efficient trading analysts and investors know the value of their information and can use simple Telegram bots to monetize their content within a platform already populated by their audience.

In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about selling crypto signals on Telegram. You'll see how traders, analysts, and educators create subscription-based businesses on Telegram, share crypto signals in private groups and channels, and live from their passion.

Are you allowed to sell crypto signals?

Yes, you are allowed to sell crypto signals. Since you are only giving advice and not handling anyone's money, you are not responsible for your customers' investing decisions. Providing technical analysis as crypto signals is a legitimate business activity.

Just like coaches and educators sell their knowledge and training, skilled cryptocurrency traders or analysts can sell their content. If you have valuable insights people are willing to pay for, you can easily start selling crypto signals.

Where can I sell my crypto signals?

Today, Telegram is the top platform for forex, stock, and crypto trading signal providers. In the past, these experts had few options for monetizing or sharing their content in real-time with a specific audience.

Early e-commerce applications lacked the features needed for subscription-based projects. Entrepreneurs used subscription platforms that weren't designed for their businesses, requiring messy add-ons, extra costs, or technical skills.

Platforms like WordPress, Patreon, or WhatsApp worked for some, but their costs and technical limitations made Telegram more attractive. Today, everyone goes to Telegram to buy and sell crypto signals.

Why do crypto traders use Telegram?

Telegram is the perfect app for every type of trader. It is focused on speed and security, providing a safe and fast interface to receive and deliver information and do crypto transactions. What really makes this app stand out from other less privacy-friendly messaging services like Messenger or WhatsApp are its groups, channels, and bots.

Telegram's groups and channels can be public or private. Any Telegram public resource, whether it is a group, channel, or bot, can be found by any Telegram user in the app. It can also be accessed by anyone from a web browser using the URL followed by the resource name, like using to get to the Telegram News public channel.

Private groups and channels can only be accessed with a special invitation link. This is great for people who want to sell content through private resources. Besides privacy, these resources have features that make them ideal for selling crypto signals.

Some of Telegram's private channel main features are:

  • Unlimited number of members
  • Inaccessible for those without an invitation
  • Perfect for newsletters
  • Supports video and audio streaming
  • Supports images, audio, videos, links, files, rich text format, and any other files
  • Reactions, forwards and comments can be enabled for posts
  • Customizable with a logo, name, and description
  • Users can mute or leave at any time
  • Can stream to millions of users worldwide in real-time

Telegram private groups are another great resource for subscription-based businesses. Crypto traders, in particular, love the following features:

  • Up to 200,000 members in a group
  • Can't be found without an invitation link
  • Perfect for massive chat groups
  • Messages can be replied to and forwarded
  • Users can be mentioned or tagged in messages
  • Messages can be pinned for easy access
  • Group owners can set restrictions on reading or sending messages or media
  • Can create live group video chats with thousands of users
  • Customizable with a logo, name, and description
  • Users can interact with bots within groups

Another great Telegram feature that crypto signals providers love is the protected content feature, which can be enabled for both private groups and channels. This feature helps establish anti-piracy rules in your membership resources. Content creators can restrict message forwarding in their groups and limit the ability to download posted media.

In addition to Telegram's groups and channels, bots are another key feature that makes this app special for crypto signal providers and a wide variety of users. Telegram is an open platform that allows anyone to use their own code to develop new software. There are Telegram bots for almost anything. For example, the ultimate customer service bot, SUCH, allows you to add buttons to your public or private channels posts.

How can I start selling crypto signals?

You can start selling crypto signals in Telegram in less than five minutes using the InviteMember Membership Bot platform. You can either follow this guide for getting started or start the InviteMember bot and follow the instruction prompts.

The platform works with two bots, the InviteMember bot and a membership bot. The InviteMember bot is used by business owners to create the subscription plans they will be selling and to configure their membership project settings. The membership bot is a customizable and brandable bot you can easily create yourself that will allow your customers to manage their subscriptions. This is what a membership bot looks like: @YogaMemberBot.

After starting the InviteMember bot for the first time, you will be asked to add a resource to your membership project. This resource can be a new or already existing private group or channel. After finishing the setup wizard, you can add as many resources as you want, but first, you will be asked to add just one.

These groups and channels that you'll be adding to your project, will be what your clients will actually be paying for. In these resources, you will post your crypto signals, give advice, or interact with your community.

After adding your first resource you'll create a subscription plan. This will be what you'll be actually selling to your clients and what is going to give them periodic access to your resources. You will have to define the price, currency, and period of your subscription plan.

Crypto signal providers usually create multiple subscription plans containing different benefits. They build different plans to create tiers with different prices depending on the groups and channels subscribers will have access to.

The next thing you will need to do after adding your subscription plans is to create and connect your membership bot. A membership bot is what your clients will use as an interface to manage their subscriptions. These bots are customizable, you can add your brand or logo as its profile picture and edit its name and description.

Finally, you'll just have to connect your payment provider accounts to any of the available payment integrations. If you choose PayPal, for example, you'll be connecting your PayPal account and every payment will be paid directly by your clients to your PayPal wallet. Neither Telegram nor InviteMember will ever handle your money.

Once you've set up your project, you'll just need to share your membership bot link or the link to any of your subscription plans, and your clients will be able to pay and join your resources.

The InviteMember bot has other marketing tools that can help you attract leads or nurture active customers. For example, you can use Access Codes for giving free access or extending subscription plans. Or, you can create special plans that can only be used by newcomers, active subscribers, or lost customers.


Selling crypto signals on Telegram is a powerful way to monetize your trading expertise and reach a broad audience. With the help of the InviteMember platform, you can set up your business in minutes, offering valuable insights to your subscribers through private groups and channels. This platform provides all the tools you need to create, manage, and sell subscription plans seamlessly.

Telegram's unique features, such as private groups, channels, and bots, make it an ideal platform for crypto signal providers. Its emphasis on speed, security, and privacy ensures a reliable and efficient user experience. The ability to customize your membership bot and use advanced marketing tools like access codes further enhances your ability to attract and retain subscribers.

By leveraging the InviteMember platform, you can tap into the growing demand for crypto signals and build a profitable subscription-based business. Whether you are a trader, analyst, or educator, Telegram offers a versatile and robust environment to share your knowledge and grow your community. Start today and turn your passion for crypto into a successful venture!