Telegram is not just the best messaging app in the world. You can also use it to buy things like new items or special digital content.

Today, you’ll understand how to use Telegram's payment methods. Let's learn about "Telegram payments" and see the easy ways to pay!

Understanding Telegram Payments

Telegram is more than just a messaging app. It's also a great place for money transactions. The Telegram payment system is designed for safe and easy payments. This is good for both regular users and businesses.

When you want to get paid for digital items, services, or subscriptions, Telegram can handle it. You can pay using common bank cards, PayPal, or even Telegram’s Ton crypto wallet.

Developers can use Telegram’s Bot Payments API to create payment bots. But any user can create a subscription bot in minutes and for free with InviteMember and start accepting payments.

Expanding on Payment Options

Using Payment Bots for Accepting Payments

With the necessary knowledge, skill, and time, you can create something like the ShopBot. It lets you sell things with pictures and payment buttons.

For regular payments, you code your own payment bots. But for recurring payments, like memberships, better use subscription bots like InviteMember.

Subscription Bots for Accepting Payments

Unlike payment bots, subscription bots can be used by anyone out-of-the box. They can be done in minutes, are fully brandable and customizable, and will not have any cost.

To use InviteMember, you set up your subscription project in the @InviteMemberBot in Telegram, add groups and channels, make subscription plans, add a membership bot, and finally, choose how to get paid.

Payment Options for Everyone

InviteMember lets you use many payment ways for different countries:

Global Payment Providers

  1. Stripe: Works in 46 countries. You can get payments from credit and debit cards.
  2. Skrill: Available in over 200 countries. You can take payments with Skrill wallets, cards, and more.
  3. PayPal: Used in over 200 countries. It lets you accept payments through PayPal, cards, and bank accounts.
  4. CoinPayments: Accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in over 200 countries.

Country-Specific Payment Providers

  1. India: Razorpay lets you accept many types of payments like cards and wallets.
  2. Netherlands: iDEAL is used with Stripe for payments.
  3. Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana: Paystack lets you take payments through cards and other ways.
  4. Portugal: Multibanco works with Stripe for payments.

Manual Payments with Access Codes

If other ways don't work, you can take payments yourself. Then give an access code to your customer to start their subscription.


We've finished exploring Telegram's payment methods. Now that you know more, try them out!

Use different ways to pay on Telegram and improve your experience. These tools help with quick buys or managing channel and groups subscriptions.

They make transactions easy and safe. Also, look at InviteMember’s Payment Options for more choices. Start using Telegram payments today and make your Telegram use more than just chatting!