Subscription-based businesses are becoming very popular worldwide. They provide a steady income and help keep customers engaged. Telegram is a great platform for these types of businesses because it offers useful tools like bots, groups, and channels.

InviteMember is a tool that works with Telegram to help you easily start and manage a subscription business. It simplifies many tasks, so you don't need to be tech-savvy to use it. This is perfect for business owners who want to focus more on their products while the bot handles and streamlines repetitive tasks.

This article will guide you on how to start your own subscription business using Telegram and InviteMember. We’ll explain how to prepare your Telegram account, set up your service, and attract subscribers. Now, let’s look at how to prepare your Telegram to start a successful subscription business

Preparing Telegram for Your Subscription Business

Starting a subscription business on Telegram is a smart choice due to the platform's wide reach and diverse features. Here’s how you can set up your Telegram to support a subscription business effectively:

1. Understanding Telegram’s Features

Telegram isn’t just for messaging. It also supports groups, channels, and bots, making it ideal for subscription services. Groups can host interactive communities, channels can distribute content efficiently, and bots can automate many aspects of the business, such as subscriptions and customer service.

2. Setting Up a Telegram Account

If you don’t already have a Telegram account, create one by downloading the app from your mobile store or visiting Telegram’s website. Once downloaded, follow the simple setup instructions to register your phone number and start using Telegram.

3. Identifying Your Objectives

Clarify the main goals for your subscription business on Telegram. Are you looking to:

  • Build a Community: Create an interactive space where subscribers can engage, share ideas, and connect with each other and your content.
  • Monetize Content: Sell subscriptions to access exclusive content, services, or resources.
  • Expand an Existing Business: Use Telegram to reach a wider audience, offering new ways to engage with your products or services.

4. Understanding How to Achieve Your Goals with InviteMember

InviteMember helps you automate and streamline your subscription service on Telegram, offering features that align with different objectives:

  • For Community Building: InviteMember helps you manage group memberships, automate content delivery, and encourage engagement.
  • For Monetizing Content: It provides tools for creating subscription plans, integrating payment options, and managing subscriber access to content.
  • For Business Expansion: InviteMember offers comprehensive analytics, marketing tools, and seamless integration options to support growth and scaling.

These steps will give you a solid foundation for your Telegram subscription business. In the next section, we will dive deeper into integrating InviteMember with your Telegram setup to streamline your subscription management process.

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How To Use InviteMember

Now that you have prepared your Telegram platform, the next step is to integrate InviteMember. This tool will help you automate and manage your subscription services effectively. If you need any help setting up your project, you can also reach out InviteMember's Support Team through the @InviteMemberSupportBot in Telegram and they'll help you in no time.

The first time you start the InviteMemberBot, the bot will guide you through the whole process of creating your membership project. You can always go back to your project menu in the InviteMemberBot to edit or scale your project and manage your InviteMember account.

Here's what you'll do to get started:

Register with InviteMember

Before you can use InviteMember, you need to sign up for an account. Visit InviteMember’s registration page, and select your subscription plan based on the features you need and your projected revenue. You can start for free and upgrade as you grow.

Connect A Telegram Channel or Group with InviteMember

After registering, you need to create a Telegram channel or group to link to your InviteMember project. This allows InviteMember to manage subscriptions and access control for your content.

  1. Start your chat with @InviteMemberBot and select Add Project.
  2. Follow the bot’s prompts to create and connect a Telegram channel or group. You can see the full setup guide here to walk you through the process.

If you already have a group or channel you want to monetize, you can skip the creation step and follow the steps the bot will provide for connecting your existing group or channel. Keep in mind, that existing members of those resources must sign up through the bot to be automatically managed afterward.

Set Up Subscription Plans

With InviteMember, you can create various subscription plans tailored to different segments of your audience. Here’s how to set them up:

  1. In your InviteMember dashboard, go to ‘Subscription Plans’.
  2. Click on ‘Add Plan’ and define the plan details such as name, price, duration, and what content or channels are included. You can also set up trial periods and promotional offers afterward to attract new subscribers. To do this, go back to the Subscription plans menu in your project menu and select the plan to access its settings.

Customize Membership Bot Settings

Your membership bot will act as the interface between you and your subscribers. Customizing it to fit your brand and your audience’s needs is crucial.

  1. Customize your bot’s name and description: Open your project menu within InviteMemberBot, then select “Edit project.” You’ll see the buttons to “Edit name” and “Edit description.”
  2. Add a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: Within the same “Edit project menu” you’ll see the option to add your business’ unique Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  3. Add a custom Botpic: Add a photo to your bot to showcase a logo and increase branding. To do so, open a chat with @BotFather and send the command /setuserpic, then follow the instructions.
  4. Customize your bot’s About text: To customize the description users see of your bot before launch, open your chat with @BotFather and send /setdescription, then follow the bot’s prompts.

Configure Payment Options

InviteMember supports various payment methods on Telegram including PayPal, Stripe, and more. Setting up these options is essential for receiving payments.

  1. Go to ‘Payment Options’ in your project menu within the InviteMemberBot chat.
  2. Choose your preferred payment gateways and follow the instructions to integrate them.
  3. Ensure that the payment settings are configured to handle different currencies if your audience is international. To do this, just make sure you connect payment options that match your subscription plan currencies. For example, if you have a plan in Indian Rupees, you can connect Razorpay, and if you're charging in Ghanaian Cedi, you can connect Paystack.

Test Everything Before Going Live

Before you start promoting your subscription service, make sure everything works as expected.

  1. Test the subscription process from start to finish to ensure that payments are processed correctly and access is granted as intended.
  2. Adjust settings and troubleshoot any issues to ensure a smooth user experience.
  3. Make sure you don't have any Test mode payment options, or this could cause unauthorized free access to your project.

By following these steps, your subscription business on Telegram will be well-equipped to grow and succeed. In the next section, we will discuss how to create your first subscription plan and maximize its appeal to potential subscribers.

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Creating Subscription Plans with InviteMember

Creating attractive subscription plans is crucial for attracting and keeping subscribers. Here’s a detailed guide on how to design effective subscription offerings using InviteMember, focusing on user-friendly features, marketing strategies, and professional tips:

1. Understanding Subscription Plans:

A subscription plan on InviteMember is a way to offer your content or services regularly (like monthly, quarterly, or yearly) for a fee. Plans can differ widely depending on what access level or benefits they provide and who they target.

  • Examples of Subscription Plans:
    • Basic Access: Includes standard content or features shared through one Telegram private channel.
    • Premium Access: Offers more benefits like exclusive content or early access to new materials through a second, more exclusive channel.
    • VIP Access: Provides all benefits of lower tiers plus exclusive things like personal consultations or custom content shared through a private Telegram group.

2. Set Subscription Tiers Pricing and Duration

Decide how much to charge for each tier and the billing cycle. Your pricing should reflect the value of your content, your audience’s ability to pay, and your business goals.

  • Pricing Strategies:
    • Introductory Rates: Offer lower prices for the first few months to attract new subscribers.
    • Discounts for Long-term Commitments: Encourage longer subscriptions by offering a lower monthly cost for yearly subscribers.
    • Bundle Offers: Combine different products or services for a special price to increase value.
  • Duration Strategies:
    • Short-term offers and trials: You can create subscription plans that last a day or a week, you can also make them single-use. This is great for attracting newcomers.
    • Lifetime plans: Make your most valuable offers lifetime for your customers.

3. Configure Your Subscription Plans in InviteMember

Use the InviteMember dashboard to add or edit your subscription plan at any time.

  • Steps to follow to create a new plan:
    1. Access your project menu by sending the /myprojects command to the InviteMemberBot
    2. Go to the ‘Subscription Plans’ section and select ‘Add Plan’.
    3. Enter the plan name and pricing, then link the plan to specific Telegram channels or groups.
    4. Add a description to the plan and tweak any relevant settings.
  • Steps to edit existing plans:
    1. Access your project menu by sending the /myprojects command to the InviteMemberBot
    2. Go to the ‘Subscription Plans’ section and select the plan to edit.
    3. Configure the plan to your needs. You can learn more about these settings here.

4. Advanced Settings and Marketing Techniques

Use advanced features in InviteMember to improve your subscription offerings and attract potential subscribers:

  • Trial Periods: Offer free trials to attract new subscribers, letting them experience the service before purchasing.
  • Returning Customer Plans: Create special plans that are available only to former subscribers, encouraging them to rejoin.
  • Newcomer Plans: Set up plans that are exclusively available to new subscribers to boost initial sign-up rates.
  • Active subscribers only: Plans that will only be available to users who are already actively subscribed to your project.
  • Single-use: Create limited-time plans that users will only be able to subscribe to once.

5. Subscription Management, Automated

InviteMember automates important tasks like billing, renewals, and managing subscribers, letting you focus more on creating content and engaging with customers.

  • Automation Features:
    • Automated billing and renewals ensure a smooth experience for subscribers. Non-paying users will be removed automatically.
    • Access controls make sure that subscribers can only access the groups or channels meant for their subscription level.
    • Grace periods, or when a user is removed after a failed payment, can be modified or removed to best suit your business. PayPal’s Grace Period can be set within the InviteMember bot itself, while Smart Retries can be configured in the Stripe dashboard.
    • Non-recurring plans can also be set to allow subscribers to renew manually each time. The bot will send them a renewal reminder and will remove them if they don't renew.
    • Whitelisting and banning allow you to provide or restrict access to users manually. Whitelisting will prevent the bot from removing a user, while banning will forcibly remove a user from all channels and groups.
  • Metrics and insights:
    • Web dashboard: InviteMember’s Web Dashboards allow you to access and analyze detailed information about your users, sales, and subscription history. To launch your Dashboard, open your project menu and select the Dashboard button.
    • Project data: You can export your project data to get your payments, subscriptions, and users' information in CSV files. To do this, open your project menu, select Telegram Bot, then select Export data (CSV).
    • Fees transparency: To check your transaction fees at any time in InviteMember, you can use the Dashboard to see the fee generated for each transaction, labeled as “InviteMember Fee”, under the Payment details pane of each payment page. Alternatively, you can see fees in your exported project data CSV files, or within your Stripe Connect Dashboard.

6. Launch and Promote Your Subscription Plans

After setting up your plans, launch them through your Telegram channels, social media, and other marketing channels.

  • Promotion Tips:
    • Offer limited-time promotions or discounts during the launch to encourage early sign-ups.
    • Talk to early subscribers and get their feedback to improve your offerings.
    • Look at your web dashboard for a view of the days, weeks, and months you've got more subscribers and compare it against other periods, this way you can check your business performance.
    • Use the broadcast feature to contact leads, recover churned, and keep everyone updated about your news and offers.
    • Customize your membership bot, and add a good display picture that represents your business, a description pic, and a description. Learn more about this below.

With these steps, you can create well-structured and attractive subscription plans that meet your audience's needs and provide a steady income for your business. This approach makes sure that your subscription service not only attracts subscribers but also keeps them by continually adding value and keeping them engaged.

Enhancing Your Telegram Membership Bot

Now that everything’s set up, a well-customized membership bot is essential for enhancing user experience and managing subscriber interactions efficiently. InviteMember provides powerful tools to personalize your bot to align with your brand and subscriber needs. Here’s how to make the most of these features:

  1. Personalize Your Bot’s Profile. Start by giving your bot a personality that matches your brand. This includes setting a user-friendly name, a professional profile picture, and a compelling description. Choose an image for your botpic that is recognizable and reflects your brand, such as your logo. Make sure the bot’s name is easy to remember and the description clearly explains the bot's purpose and how it benefits the user. These can all be edited with your BotFather bot menu.
  2. Set Up Custom Commands. Custom commands can greatly enhance the interactivity of your bot. They allow subscribers to navigate your services more easily and access the information they need. To add custom commands, follow this walkthrough.
  3. Enhance Subscriber Interactions. Your bot can do more than just answer questions. It can drive engagement by sending regular updates, sharing exclusive content, or notifying subscribers about new offers. InviteMember subscription bots have SUCH enabled by default. This transforms your membership bot into a customer service powerhouse.
  4. Manage Access and Permissions. Ensure that your bot correctly manages who has access to what content based on their subscription status. Configure the bot to automatically update subscriber access when they upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their subscriptions. Regularly review the access permissions settings in InviteMember to ensure they align with your current offerings and subscriber policies.
  5. Test and Iterate. Once your bot is set up, continuously test and gather feedback to refine its functionality and user interface. Encourage new users to provide feedback on their experience with the bot. Use this feedback to make adjustments, add new features, or streamline interactions to improve the overall user experience.

By effectively customizing your membership bot, you can create a more engaging and supportive environment for your subscribers. This not only helps in retaining customers but also in attracting new ones by showcasing a high level of professionalism and attention to user needs.

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Marketing Your Telegram Subscription Service

With a customized bot and your business ready to go, successfully marketing your subscription service on Telegram using InviteMember involves a strategic approach to reach and engage potential subscribers. Here’s how you can effectively promote your service:

Define Your Target Audience

Understanding who your subscribers are will guide your marketing strategies and communication style.

  • Analyze your existing subscriber base or target market demographics to tailor your marketing messages.
  • Identify the key benefits that your subscription offers and how they solve problems or fulfill the needs of your audience.

Make Use of Social Media and Online Platforms

Use social media platforms and online marketing tools to increase visibility and attract subscribers.

  • Run Telegram Ads using the platform within the app to attract new users. Check out our guide to the Telegram Ads platform.
  • Promote your Telegram subscription service on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using targeted ads and organic posts.
  • Consider collaborations or cross-promotions with influencers and brands that share a similar audience to boost your reach.

Offer Promotions and Incentives

Promotions are a great way to attract new subscribers and retain existing ones.

  • Offer introductory discounts, bundle deals, or time-limited offers to encourage sign-ups - this can be accomplished with InviteMember’s advanced subscription plan settings.
  • Consider implementing a referral program where current subscribers can invite friends and receive benefits for both parties.

Utilize Email Marketing

Email remains a powerful tool for direct marketing and driving conversions.

  • Build an email list through your website or during the subscriber sign-up process on Telegram.
  • Send regular newsletters, updates, and exclusive offers to keep your audience engaged and informed about new content and features.

Engage and Listen to Your Community

Building a community in Telegram around your service can lead to higher retention rates and subscriber satisfaction.

  • Encourage interaction in your Telegram groups by hosting live Q&A sessions, polls, and discussions.
  • Actively seek feedback and suggestions from your community to improve your service and ensure it meets their needs.

Track Your Results and Optimize

Use analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and make necessary adjustments - like the InviteMember Dashboard.

  • Monitor key metrics such as subscriber growth, conversion rates, and engagement levels to understand what works and what doesn’t.
  • Continuously refine your marketing strategies based on data-driven insights to maximize the impact of your efforts.

Effective marketing is crucial for the growth of your subscription service on Telegram. By implementing these strategies, you can increase your visibility, engage potential subscribers, and build a loyal community around your offering.

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Managing and Scaling Your Subscription Business

As your subscription service grows, managing operations efficiently and planning for scalability becomes crucial. Here's how to effectively manage and scale your subscription business using Telegram and InviteMember:

Automate Subscriber Management

Automation can save time and reduce errors in subscriber management.

  • Use InviteMember to automate sign-ups, renewals, and cancellations. This ensures that subscribers have uninterrupted access based on their subscription status.

Monitor Performance Metrics

Keeping track of key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential to understand the health of your subscription business.

  • Regularly review metrics such as subscriber growth rate, churn rate, and revenue changes. InviteMember provides analytics tools that can help you track these statistics through the Dashboard, in addition to your payment gateway dashboards.
  • Use the data to identify trends and areas for improvement, such as optimizing your subscription tiers or modifying marketing strategies.

Provide Excellent Customer Support

Good customer service can significantly impact subscriber retention and satisfaction.

  • Implement a responsive support system using SUCH. Ensure that subscribers can easily find help when they need it.
  • Consider integrating a support team with SUCH, increasing collaboration and more efficient management of subscriber inquiries.

Expand and Diversify Content Offerings

As your subscriber base grows, diversifying your content can help cater to a broader audience and reduce churn.

  • Regularly update and expand your content offerings to keep the subscription fresh and engaging. Consider adding new types of content, such as webinars, ebooks, or exclusive articles.
  • Solicit subscriber feedback to understand what new content or features they would like to see, ensuring that your service evolves with your audience’s needs.

Explore New Markets and Audience Segments

Expanding into new markets can drive growth and increase your subscriber base.

  • Analyze market data to identify potential new audience segments that might be interested in your subscription service.
  • Tailor marketing and content strategies to appeal to these new segments, possibly adapting language or cultural references to better suit different demographics.

Managing and scaling your subscription business requires a combination of strategic planning, efficient use of technology, and ongoing engagement with your subscribers. By leveraging tools like InviteMember and focusing on excellent service and content diversification, you can sustain and enhance your business growth.


Launching a subscription service on Telegram using InviteMember offers a unique opportunity to build a recurring revenue stream while engaging directly with your audience. Here’s a recap of the key steps to ensure your service is successful and positioned for growth:

  1. Set Up Your Telegram Platform.
  2. Integrate with InviteMember.
  3. Develop Compelling Subscription Offers
  4. Customize Your Membership Bot
  5. Implement Effective Marketing Strategies
  6. Manage and Scale Your Business
  7. Plan for Future Growth

Starting a subscription business on Telegram with InviteMember can transform how you interact with your audience and manage your business. It combines the immediacy of Telegram with the management capabilities of InviteMember, creating a powerful tool for entrepreneurs. Remember, the success of your subscription service depends on constant improvement and adaptation to your subscribers' needs.